What is the ostomy bag and what is it for?

What is the ostomy bag and what is it for?

Applied after a stoma, the ostomy bag is a special bag placed outside the abdomen: this is how it works

By the term ostomica bag (in English stoma bag) we mean a kind of bag that is used to collect feces and urine that the body is unable to metabolize.

Its name derives from the intestinal stoma, an opening that is surgically created on the abdomen so as to allow the escape of feces and urine from the body. These, instead of being eliminated in a physiological manner by the organism, are brought together in the appropriate applied bag, due to the compromise of a tract of the urinary or digestive system due to a tumor, or a chronic inflammatory disease. From the appearance similar to that of the internal mucosa of the mouth, the ostomy (which can be temporary or definitive) can be considered an organ devoid of nerve endings and muscles, which does not cause pain but cannot be controlled.

There are three types of stoma: the colostomy, which causes a small portion of the colon to emerge on the surface of the abdomen; the ileostomy, which causes the final part of the small intestine to escape; and the urostomy, which binds the ureter to the abdominal wall and conveys the urine emitted by the kidneys into an external collection bag. The ostomy bag serves precisely to protect the opening, and to collect feces and urine following surgery. The ostomate person, day after day, learns to treat his stoma independently, and to understand which collection system and which adhesives are best suited to his situation. Once you get used to it, you can spend a completely normal life, made of work and hobbies, travel, love and sports.

There are several ostomy devices available: there are ostomy bags of different sizes and different colors, with the most varied types of adhesives and with the ability to respond to the most diverse lifestyles. There are ostomy bags designed to be applied on bulges, hernias and protrusions, there are models with mechanical hooks that emit a reassuring sound click, there are models suitable for the more slender physicists and others designed for those who make a very active life. Because what is really important is to understand that – a ostomy person – can live his life as before. And he has no reason to feel different.

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