What is the Pixie cut and who does it give more to

What is the Pixie cut and who does it give more to

The Pixie Cut is an extremely glam haircut that suits both short and medium-long hair: find out more in this article!

Pixie Cut: The name is really very curious and funny, but do you really know what lies behind this funny combination? If you have no idea, we are here to give you some clarification. Despite the numerous advantages that we will present shortly, it is essential to remember how much, however, the Pixie Cut, being a cut on short hair, is not the best option for women who wear long and voluminous hair. Literally it means "pixie cut" and this is because in many fantasy scenarios, as well as in our mind, the elf is the one who wears very short and cheeky hair. Let's start by saying that it is a sort of "new age" interpretation of the classic bob, also known as a bob.

Hair tends to be shorter at the back and scaled in the front area. The unconventional girls of the 1920s began to wear mostly men's cuts, as if to indicate a kind of rebellion in the period of fire when women still did not have the right to vote. This type of cut became even more famous in the 1950s, when Audrey Hepburn wore it during the debut of the famous film "Roman Holiday": it was a fashion carried on later by Mia Farrow, as well as the iconic Twiggy and Goldie Hawn. Plenty of other movie stars like Mary Quant, Annie Lexon, and Princess Lady D. in the following years, carried on the trend.


  • Pixie Cut: a young and very trendy cut
  • Pixie Cut: Who does she really wear this cut for?
  • Pixie Cut on short hair
  • Pixie Cut on medium-short hair
  • Pixie Cut on curly hair
  • Pixie Cut: the ideal hair color and how to maintain it

Pixie Cut: a young and very trendy cut

The Pixie Cut is a fresh and youthful cut, as well as practical that in recent years has depopulated a lot among the most famous and not. Although it is very reminiscent of the classic male cut, it is considerable how much it preserves the sensuality of a woman if on the right face. It is a very simple look to achieve, versatile and ideal for any season of the year: in short, it never goes out of style! So here is a modern cut, whose trend is destined to grow more and more over time: sexy and feminine, it has already won the hearts of many celebrities beyond Europe and beyond.

It really seems essential to have hair that is always well defined, in order, precise and well-kept. Who wouldn't like it? For this very reason, the Pixie Cut might be the cut for you! Obviously, the Pixie Cut can be performed only and exclusively on certain types of face and, if well done, it is able to give lightness and freshness to the facial expression. It is also good to take into account the type of hair before proceeding with the Pixie Cut: whether your hair is frizzy, curly or smooth, the most important thing is to enhance it in the best way. A true professional will surely be able to help you in the choice that suits you best!

Pixie Cut: Who does she really wear this cut for?

As we previously stated, the Pixie Cut is not for everyone: arm yourself with patience and a ruler and find out if it can be the one for you. In fact, there are well-defined measurements to take into consideration: the famous Rule of 5.5 is very important. If there is less than 5.5 centimeters between the lobe and the chin, then your face is perfect for this gritty look. Obviously, the importance of shoulders, jaw and neck should not be forgotten, as short hair tends to highlight any defects, such as a lack of proportion of the aforementioned elements. The build also plays a role of fundamental importance: the petite woman will always look good with a Pixie Cut, while the tall one must have sweet and harmonious features.

The types of face that best suit the Pixie Cut are the heart and oval shapes: they turn out to be really perfect! Some reserves, however, for round-shaped faces, which will opt for a fringe or a nice wavy tuft. Square face? Yes to the short cut, but always and only moved! Ultimately, this type of cut on a round-shaped face could make it more plump than it already is, but we don't feel like excluding it a priori if you already wear a short and cheeky look. We do not exclude, then, that the Pixie Cut may be able to give harmony and youth even to a face with a serious shape and expression. In fact, it could be the perfect novelty for you! If, on the other hand, your face is oval or heart-shaped and your hair is curly and voluminous, then the Pixie Cut is perfect, as it will give a chic and feminine touch.

Pixie Cut on short hair

Short pixie cut


What do we think of the Pixie Cut on short hair? Yes, yes and yes again! More than promoted. Short hair, in fact, is ideal for a cut of this kind: trendy and always current. So, let's talk about extremely short and disheveled Pixie Cuts; elegant and feminine precisely because with these two characteristics. Those who choose this type of cut, must be very careful and frequently cut their hair, as the growth would ruin the clear and well-defined style of the Pixie Cut. Among the trends of recent years, we want to remember the Pixie Cut on short hair with a lot of tuft or fringe, great protagonists. You can think of both long and short bangs, but also on par. The latter, in fact, is the most suitable for giving a Fifties touch. In any case, this style is able to give freshness and novelty at all times.

Pixie Cut on medium-short hair

Medium pixie cut


For a Pixie Cut, medium hair is by definition already long and therefore must reach the earlobe as much as possible. In this way it is possible to work on the lengths, modeling the actual cut according to the type of hair. It is clear that medium-length hair allows you to indulge yourself and play at the same time, creating something truly unique: in fact, it is possible to give life to amazing ridges, as well as smooth tufts and fixed with gel on the side. Medium hair and Pixie Cut are a perfect match: on a round shape, in particular, all the strengths of the face can be highlighted, framing it to perfection.

By opting for a nice side tuft, you can give the impression of a more relaxed and slender face. Furthermore, the Pixie Cut on a medium asymmetrical cut turns out to have gone out of fashion for a long time: precisely for this reason, we tend to prefer a cut with a long and wavy tuft, always fashionable and feminine; perfect for giving sweetness to faces with a square shape and austere expression.

Pixie Cut on curly hair

Curly pixie cut


The Pixie Cut on curly hair is always very glamorous and trendy. The audacity of short hair together with its softness create a truly crazy combo: unique for a cut of this type. Furthermore, this look perfectly embodies the idea of ​​change and novelty. On a woman with wavy and rebellious hair, the Pixie Cut is able to highlight all the strong points of the face: it redesigns the facial features in a well-defined way, its peculiarities and, without a shadow of a doubt, it is really very practical. Sure, a fringe on a long cut looks very good, but on a Pixie Cut with curly hair it really looks scary.

Then, for a truly sparkling and fashionable look, it is good to choose the right colors to be able to enhance yourself to the maximum of your possibilities. It is absolutely not certain that a woman with short hair cannot indulge herself and unleash her creativity. Browsing the Internet, in fact, you will find a myriad of photographs, celebrities or not, from which to take inspiration. And if you want an even more extreme and captivating cut, you could shave your head on both sides, letting the long tuft of wavy hair fall on the forehead. For a super rock look, leave the shaved sides of your natural color and give your ridge a wild touch by using a whimsical tint. We advise you to contact a hairstylist, always!

Pixie Cut: the ideal hair color and how to maintain it

The Pixie Cut being a very particular cut, it also requires to be combined with certain types of colors in order to emerge at its best. Very beautiful are the brown, dark, blond Pixie Cuts, but also reds and the most varied shades. This look, in fact, is also perfect with extravagant and youthful colors, such as fuchsia, blue, pink, gray and light blue: if you are not aware of it, the short cut is ideal for bleaching and for a frequent color change. However, if you are very in doubt, we recommend a simple and practical colored shampoo that will go away in no time.

The Pixie Cut requires constant maintenance: despite being a versatile and practical cut, it is good to cut your hair and keep an ideal length. However, hair with this type of cut can be comfortably retouched and modeled with special products, such as sprays, gels and various waxes. Finally, since this is a very short and particular cut, it is good to rely on expert hands: contact your trusted hairdresser and get the best advice.

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