What is the school we want in 2021 for our children?

What is the school we want in 2021 for our children?

What can we do to make the school help overcome the obstacles to learning for children with SLD?

The school of 2021. What is the school we want in 2021 for our children?

The 2021 school must help students with SLD overcome obstacles to learning. Professor Giacomo Stella shows us his proposals.

The challenges of the school of 2021

Today more than ever we must ask ourselves what direction the school should take in the coming years. It is in particular families with children who encounter difficulties in classical and traditional learning, that is, students with SLD and SEN, who ask themselves this problem most.

In the past there have been attempts to experiment with new "forms of school" such as, for example, the Montessori school and, more recently, the "school without backpack" approach. These forms have the aim of making learning and knowledge of information less rigid and more accessible but, despite this, even these experiments have little success with students with SLD.

Why are these approaches that aim at the inclusion of children with SLD and their active participation in school not successful?

"This is because in reality none of these techniques fully addresses the problem of learning, which is dramatically posed in some cases by children with learning difficulties."

"The general attitude is that of an initial tolerance and understanding towards learning disorders and their possible solutions, which however results in an insistent repetition of explanations."

For this reason, it is not yet understood where the origin of these problems lies, which prevent some children from facing what other children face with ease: the understanding of a text, the resolution of an arithmetic problem, the representation of time.

What school do we want in 2021?

"To ensure that these problems can be solved, it is necessary to set the goal of addressing the problem starting from specific cases and therefore the origin of learning disorders. This allows us to build a school for everyone, which helps everyone and makes everyone progress. ”. A school truly for everyone, no one excluded.

This is the mission of the school, which must recognize and enhance talents, in perfect harmony with the philosophy of Redooc. Attention to Specific Learning Disorders and Special Educational Needs requires opening up to a plurality of methods and tools to ensure that everyone finds his own way of learning. From compensatory tools, digital such as speech synthesis and paper like mental maps, to experiential and laboratory teaching, the "weapons" are many and varied. The challenge is to identify the most suitable on a case-by-case basis, to allow everyone to have a satisfying and rewarding school path.

The challenge is a school for everyone!

To hear the words of Prof. Giacomo Stella watch the video

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