What is vajazzling: the (shimmering) decoration of the private parts

What is vajazzling: the (shimmering) decoration of the private parts

Vajazzling is the decoration of the private parts that is driving Hollywood stars crazy and now it arrives in Italy (also in the male version)

The latest fad for those who want to feel unique is vajazzling, the shimmering decoration of the private parts. The treatment comes from the United States, where it has conquered many celebrities, first of all Jennifer Love Hewitt, who in numerous interviews has illustrated its advantages, followed by many colleagues.

Vajazzling is a sensual decoration of the Mount of Venus, made with colored glitter and Swarovski crystals. it is an excellent alternative to the tattoo or the classic intimate jewel, which some time ago had conquered the beaches of California. The phenomenon is gradually spreading also in Italy, where it is carried out in specialized centers, where professionals in the sector create intricate themed designs, letting themselves be inspired by animals, by nature, but also by the time of year (those Christmas theme made Instagram crazy!).

Everyone really likes the beauty trend, it is easy to make, lasts a long time and guarantees excellent results (see partners who are amazed). The tattoo is applied after a complete epilation of the groin usually made with sugar. In this way hair regrowth is much slower and the skin remains smooth and soft, free from annoying irritations.

Swarovski crystals are applied in minutes with the use of special tools, directly on the skin. The stylized design is created with the aid of a glue designed specifically for intimate parts. The stones are very small, light and not very thick, this means that they do not bother, even under jeans. They are also hypoallergenic and water resistant, so you can take a shower even after applying the tattoo.

Vajazzling lasts on average between 4 and 5 days, but the duration is always variable. It can be easily removed with your hands and leaves no residue. For the more shy, a DIY version has also been put on the market that allows you to create the tattoo for private parts directly at home and on your own.

If you liked vajazzling and want to try it, know that the male version, penjazzling, is coming from the United States, which promises to decorate men's private parts.

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