What is weaning?

What is weaning?

In the first months of life, milk is able to guarantee the normal growth of the baby by itself, but progressively its nutritional intake becomes insufficient and it is necessary to integrate the diet with other foods: it is weaning time.

In fact, the term weaning refers to the gradual, gradual transition from a milk-only diet to one based on solid foods.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the introduction of foods other than milk in the baby's diet should take place from six months of age, but breast milk will still have to continue to make a substantial contribution to nutrition for different months.

Weaning times and methods should never be generalized but always personalized child for child: observing your baby is in fact the best way to understand his times and the methods for weaning that is not a source of stress.

The child will pass from the experience of sucking the breast or the bottle to swallowing the solid food proposed with the spoon, discovering different tastes (sweet, salty), different colors, different textures (liquid, solid, creamy), expressing his tastes and preferences.

Therefore, the feeding schemes must not be too rigid; the child's preferences and family habits must be respected by introducing new foods gradually. No absolute food is essential for growth, as the essential principles are found in many different foods.

Weaning is a fundamental step in the life of a child, because it starts the delicate phase of psychological detachment from the maternal figure: a first attempt at autonomy towards the maternal figure that must not frighten the mother, but that must be considered as a natural passage which must be approached with serenity.


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