What Jessica Battistello of Temptation Island 2019 does in life

What Jessica Battistello of Temptation Island 2019 does in life

Let's find out who she is and what she does in life Jessica Battistello, competitor of Temptation Island 2019

Jessica Battistello arrives in Temptation Island to test her almost three-year history with her boyfriend Andrea Filomena, to understand if their love still makes her truly happy. And many think that Jessica will be one of the protagonists of the reality show of Mediaset.

But who is Jessica Battistello and what does she do in life?

Jessica is a sunny and dynamic 25 year old girl, born in Pordenone but who now lives near Padua. He loves travel, fashion and his job as an insurance consultant. She also has a great passion for social media and is very popular on her Instagram profile, where every day she shares with her over twenty five thousand followers shots that tell about her and her daily life. In her posts there are Jessica's whole life and passions: work, free time, holidays, fun and of course, love, that is Andrea.

The relationship with Andrea for Jessica is very important. Jessica's mother is Dominican and she has long lived away from her family, alone in Italy, where Andrea, with whom she lives, is her only reference. Yet their story is now experiencing a turning point, and participation in Temptation Island will likely reveal what direction their relationship will take.

Just in the month of June in fact, Jessica and Andrea were supposed to get married. The wedding jumped at the last moment, when Jessica had already chosen the dress and the advance had already been paid for the location. It was she who stopped everything. And the reason why he blew up the wedding is the same for which he now drags the boyfriend on the adventure of Temptation Island, that is, to be sure and understand what he really wants from life. Will your doubts and uncertainties be confirmed or dispelled by temptations, but above all by the island's tempters?

Certainly there are doubts so strong as to lead her to choose to participate in the reality show. She explains it on the eve of departure:

I go to Temptation Island because, after I canceled the wedding, questions arose within me. I want to understand if I'm still in love with Andrea and if I'm really happy with him.

And an answer, perhaps, we already had in the first episode of the lucky program.

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