What medium haircut to do

What medium haircut to do

Medium haircuts are very trendy and versatile: find out which medium cut suits your face and hair best!

Choosing the ideal haircut for your face is very important, not too simple, but not impossible if you are careful with some fundamental nuances. To try to figure out for yourself which cut could really be yours, we provide you with some small tricks to take into consideration. First of all, make your face stand out by gathering your hair in a nice high ponytail: in this way, you will become more aware of its shape and you can observe yourself in front of the mirror. The second, very important step is to get yourself a lipstick. You got it right: a lipstick! No, you don't have to make up your lips.

In fact, you will need it to trace the outline of your face, paying a lot of attention to the light points; the colors of the complexion and eyes are essential for choosing the most appropriate cut. Then reconnect the mirror shape to one of the basic shapes. Here it is, that's it! Generally, choosing the perfect haircut is really very complicated: too often you think you can look good with a certain look, but the reality could be very different. Unfortunately, we risk being influenced by the latest trends, by the opinions of friends and family, without really considering what could most enhance us. A well-made and carefully chosen cut, in fact, has a great influence on the face.

Each type, in fact, can be enhanced by different and well-targeted cuts, also depending on other factors: color of the complexion and eyes as well as the shape of the lips and ears. These are very important features to take into consideration. The medium cut is the one that most enhances the feminine essence: whether it's jaunty, slightly retro or preppy, it will always be very trendy. There are many hairstylists who crown the medium cut and, in particular, the French bob with short bangs. Then there are those who support the medium cut with even fringe, as well as bohemian with very light reflections. The even fringe, in fact, is perfect for those who need to hide the defect of the "ears and waves".


  • Bob: obviously of medium length
  • Medium cut for straight hair
  • Hair on par – the perfect medium cut
  • Medium cuts for wavy hair
  • Medium cut with bangs
  • Medium cut for long hair
  • The medium cut that suits you best: all the tips for choosing the right one

Bob: obviously of medium length

The medium length bob, also known as long bob, is a cut that really suits everyone: whether you are curly, wavy or smooth, you will be on the safe side without any doubt. Basically, this cut is ideal for certain types of faces, such as triangular, oval, heart, but also rectangular. And if you have a diamond-shaped face and therefore protruding cheekbones, the medium-length bob is the perfect option: you can enhance your strengths!

The less suitable faces for this type of cut are round and square ones, which prefer long and more current cuts. In any case, we do not feel we should completely advise against this haircut, as if kept a little longer, it will still be fine. We strongly advise against asymmetrical long bobs so as not to highlight any defects. Could this be for you?

Medium cut for straight hair

Medium cuts with tuft

If you are curly you want straight hair, while if you have it straight you want to give it a little more volume. Isn't that always the case? It seems to us so! If you want to give your face naturalness and lightness, you can easily opt for a medium cut, also ideal for straight and straight hair like spaghetti. Therefore, a medium cut with a lot of side scaled tuft turns out to be perfect: it does not matter whether you are blonde, brunette or brunette. Then, have you ever heard of the sleek bob?

It is one of the latest trends of the moment, a "gem" much loved by several celebrities. It is a different type of cuts characterized by the shorter hair behind and ideal for round faces. Finally, if you decide to opt for a slightly more "messy" cut, it will be natural to combine it with an always fashionable side fringe and, why not, one of the trendy colors of the latest period: gray! What are you waiting for? Evaluate this super option now!

Hair on par – the perfect medium cut

The medium cut is one of the most popular with women: comfortable, practical and always trendy. It is not only easy to manage, but it lends itself well to all types of faces. A medium and even cut will always give refinement and youth to the face and it is for this reason that the choice of many women falls on this type. We recommend combining soft waves: the sinuous movement always gives sweet and harmonious proportions. Remember, though, that if your hair is thick and puffy, this is certainly not the ideal solution. In this case, in fact, it is good to leave room for geometric and more complex cuts, ideal for framing the face correctly. Of course, a clean fringe is strongly recommended.

Medium cuts for wavy hair

Medium cuts

Wavy and unmanageable hair? Don't worry, we have the solution for you. Curly and frizzy hair can often be a problem – it may seem like there is little to be done, but in reality it isn't. In fact, it is still possible to give them a shape and harmony to the face with a nice cut.
For wavy hair, a medium cut with a lot of bangs is highly recommended: disheveled or not, that's just what it takes to give harmony to the look. Beautiful and fashionable, it is also a medium cut on par on wavy and rebellious hair, especially if characterized by chromatic shades that give volume and shine to the entire hair.

Curly hair and oval face? Then what you need is undoubtedly an important climb that highlights your strengths. It goes without saying that for a thick and decisive hair, the solution could also be a beautiful carré. And then what about the swag? A truly unique and much loved trend! It is a medium scaled and very disheveled cut that gives naturalness to the hair. Ask your trusted hair stylist, it could be your salvation!

Medium cut with bangs

Medium hair with bangs

The fringe is a real evergreen: it will never go out of fashion. Let's talk, therefore, about a beautiful very vintage rounded fringe and ideal for all ages. If you are looking for something a little more chic, you cannot fail to choose the classic French fringe combined with a beautiful medium cut, always very trendy. Do you feel ready and willing to dare? You cannot fail to consider a dark color combined with a super short bangs, ideal for minimizing fine hair with low volume. Finally, don't forget that the two-tone is one of the most popular trends of the year.

Medium cut for long hair

Long hair is not only beautiful, it is always in fashion and gives deep femininity. Even long hair, however, needs shape and meaning: for this you could consider a nice medium cut. A well done scaling will certainly lighten the appearance of the hair, without emptying it, but always with a side line. Also, a lightening or streaks can really help give a fresher and more youthful look. The refinement of light colors, in fact, is well highlighted by the medium-sized cut below the shoulders. Very feminine and romantic: perfect if you want to renew your look without upsetting it too much with drastic cuts.

The medium cut that suits you best: all the tips for choosing the right one

A beautiful haircut is certainly able to highlight the strong points of a face, but it must be chosen with great care. If you are looking for the perfect medium cut without giving up the latest fashion trends, you will have understood that the helmet is the favorite, whether it is scaled or carré. Of course, the length really depends a lot on your face shape and hair type, as well as your taste.

If you have a very thick and rebellious hair, you will definitely opt for a medium layered cut, ideal for giving lightness and relaxation to the face and creating volume in the upper part. On the contrary, the carré is an excellent solution for those with not too prosperous hair and very fine hair. This will create a little more dynamism. As a rule, curly hair prefers a medium-long cut, skilfully combined with ad hoc lightening to lighten the whole context.

Even cuts are strongly discouraged, preferring irregular ones, as well as medium-short ones. The luckiest are those who show off a smooth hair, easy to manage and very versatile: it is possible to vary a lot and indulge in both medium-long and short cuts, with a very low margin of error. Finally, a good cut can really help to enhance a person's strong points, minimizing and hiding the most obvious defects: it is for this reason that it is very important to choose wisely and to be advised by a professional.

Few people know that a square face undoubtedly requires a half size, perfect for sweetening the face. Have you found your ideal cut? Don't wait, make an appointment with your hairdresser now!

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