What Mile High Club is and how to get into the club

mile high club

Have you ever heard of the Mile High Club? It is an exclusive club, in which it is very difficult to enter: today we explain how to do it, since summer is the best time to try and secure a place!

Tell us the truth: have you ever heard anyone brag about being part of a club with such a strange name?

mile high club

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Today we decided to talk to you about this very exclusive clubwhich is very difficult to enter.
If you don’t know it, we are ready to give you all the most important information and if you want to get into it we must first ask you a question. By chance you have a flight booked for the next few weeks?

Mile High Club: what is it?

Let’s start with the basics: maybe you heard it from the mouth of some friend or an influencer who loves (extra) talking about her life.

mile high club

(source: Canva)

We are referring to the Mile High Club, a very particular club and of which, it seems, not a few people belong.
But what is that the Mile High Club?
With this particular name we refer to an extremely varied and picturesque club: that of all the people who have had [email protected] [email protected] on board a plane!

In order to be said to be part of the Mile High Club, the following requirements must be met:

  • the report should be complete, that is to reach its natural conclusion. Both oral and full [email protected] are fine!
  • the report must be consumed while the plane is in the face and at high altitude

Even if they are only two requirements, as you can well imagine, it is absolutely not easy to enter the Mile High Club!
There are a lot of people, though, who actually claim to have joined the club so much that it exists really a site web (which is called Mile High Club, of course) in which stories, anecdotes and even a store where buy the gadget to let everyone know that you are part of this club.
The site even goes so far as to recommend which airlines are best to become members of the club (those that have first-class beds and long night flights) as well as collect testimonials from many users.

The first relationship consumatosi in “air”, apparently, dates back to 1785 when you got up in the sky only with hot air balloons.
To be considered the first true founders of the Mile High Club, however, are Lawrence Sperry And Dorothy Rice Sims: two aviators who started this practice in 1916.

Obviously entering the club, nowadays, is very difficult: there are lights everywhere, mobile phones always ready to be aimed, hostess And steward on feet from war and tiny bathrooms, in which it is almost impossible to get away.
Not to mention that there are also punishments: having [email protected] in a plane is a punishable crime depending on various jurisdictions, especially if the act takes place in front of other people.
Then there is also the possibility of creating accidents (diplomatic or not) as well as hurting oneself!

How do you get into the club

We are sure of one thing. To enter the Mile High Club we do not recommend that you try to use the position of the pretzel!

In reading the stories of those who did it, it seems that the best ways are mainly two:

  • during a long night flight, while everyone is asleep.
    With the favor of darkness and with the help of the blankets that the flight attendants distribute to spend the night more comfortably, apparently it would be “easy” to enter the Mile High Club!
    But it’s very important to make sure it’s just the two of you in line. You certainly don’t want a third stranger to witness your love!
  • in the bathroom of the plane. There are numerous testimonies that say they made love in the bathroom of an airplane.
    Needless to say, we are a little skeptical: have you seen how big the airplane bathrooms are?
    Surely, anyone who claims to have done it in one of those cubicles will have read our tips on how to make love while standing.
    This, however, is not enough! You have to get to the bathroom and, above all, not get caught by the hostesses.
    There are those who say they managed to get busy in that very narrow space by pretending to argue and “chase” into the bathroom to end the discussion.

What is certain is that being part of this club could be fun: us we don’t have the courage to try.

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