What SPA treatments does Diletta Leotta do during her travels?

What SPA treatments does Diletta Leotta do during her travels?

The beautiful conductor from Catania, when you travel, experiences all the treatments made available by the hotels

Diletta Leotta travels a lot both for work and for personal holidays and, when she can, she pampers herself with SPA treatments. When we met her in her Milanese home for the #fattibella format with Diletta, a series of exclusive videos shot with the aim of stealing some of her main beauty secrets, she confessed to us that she always experiences the SPA treatments of the hotels where she stays , even during business trips.

During a pleasant chat in her new Milanese apartment – the beautiful presenter lives in one of the most exclusive and futuristic neighborhoods of the Lombard capital – she told us about a specific situation, talking about the stay at a Sardinian hotel during which she had the opportunity to enter in a salt cave.

The blonde conductor of DAZN, who will blow out 29 candles on August 16, recommends this experience to all, a real cure-all for the well-being of the body. Obviously the SPA treatments that he tries during his travels are many more! Diletta Leotta, who has just spent the holidays dividing between family and exotic holidays, when she can also devote herself to sauna and Turkish bath (for the latter, as she has revealed to us, she has a particular preference).

La Leotta, who surprises not only for her beauty but also for her irony, joked about the passion she has for the SPA saying that "As soon as I enter the hotels they are all scared because I always book a lot of treatments".

To eliminate the toxins accumulated during the long working days Diletta also has another secret that does not involve travel. What is it about? The simple fact of resting on the sofa of his beautiful living room as soon as he enters the house. How to blame her? To regenerate in your free moments, the fact of carving out a few minutes for yourself regardless of where you are is also very important.

As shown by the example of the Sicilian presenter – who sports an enviable beauty both on social and live – even her home can be a special place to rest, leaving the stress of the day behind, with obvious advantages for beauty and shape physics.

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