What time is better to train? The expert replies

What time is better to train? The expert replies

Sleep a little more in the morning or start with an exercise

What time is best to train? In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, after the office? Let's say that to train there is never a timetable, the important thing is to start doing it and be constant, that is, never give up.

We assume that training is good. The important thing is how much and how we train, not "when". One hour of activity produces dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin: the four musketeers, molecules already present in our body, responsible for making us feel good, to print a smile on our face, to provide us with natural euphoria, to raise the pain threshold, to act and be tenacious towards goals.

These molecules also regulate sleep and appetite, improve our physical appearance and raise self-esteem. In short, they give us 360-degree psychophysical well-being.

Let's go specifically, or at what time of day it is better to train. A day is made of 24 hours. Obviously at night we are more tired, there are people who are more active in the evening and struggle to get active in the morning and others who are early risers and turn into "sly cats" in the evening. Let's go back to reiterating that training is always good, but be careful because you have to take into account some small signs.

Exercising in the evening, as we said before, produces the hormones mentioned above. This can cause problems to fall asleep because our body goes into a post-workout overexcitation state. By doing so, you risk going to sleep too late, taking away hours of sleep necessary for your body. Training in the morning would be optimal, the important thing is not to reduce the hours of rest: the contraindication in this case could be daytime sleepiness.

So train constantly, regardless of time, but be careful not to take hours away from the rest necessary to recharge. Then if you add cuddles, hugs and healthy sexual activity then you did bingo. Good workout!

If you need other advice for your training contact me!

Livia Milan
Personal trainer and life coach

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