What to do to convince children to wear masks

What to do to convince children to wear masks

Sometimes children don't like wearing masks for Carnival or Halloween; simple tips can help us make disguises fun for them too

Carnival is a party that children like a lot, they love to dress up like the character they love most. Some children are not so favorable to wear Carnival masks; it is important to understand what the reason for this refusal is, to try to make disguises for them a moment of play and fun. If a child manifests that he does not want to dress up, it is important not to force him, and above all not to try to convince him with phrases such as: "you would be very comfortable with that costume", or "all your little friends disguise themselves". If the refusal to wear a certain dress is due to a sense of inadequacy or shyness it is possible that sentences of this kind worsen the situation.

Often the small timid tend not to love situations in which they are at the center of attention: during the holidays they do not feel at ease if all the relatives and friends observe them and make comments and appreciations about them. In questiasi it is opportune to foresee for Carnival the participation to the parades of allegorical wagons, that are held in the public square, where all the attention is focused towards the wagons and not towards the public. In this type of situation, children tend to forget shyness and feel more at ease.

In other cases, however, the denial of children depends on a desire to free oneself from the parent and to deny all his directives, tout court. On these occasions it is worthwhile to assess what the real motivations of our children are: we probably imposed, without realizing it, to wear a costume, or we denied him another for reasons he did not fully understand. It may also happen that one cannot understand the motivation for which a child does not want to dress up, it is better to avoid exerting excessive pressure on him, because it could be unconscious motivations.

For many people, even for some adults, carnival masks bring unpleasant events during this time of the year to the destination, or remind the monsters of horror movies. In these cases it is a real fear for Carnival masks, which must be faced by showing children that there is nothing to fear, not even from the most impressive monster. Often sharing anecdotes of when we were little with our children, or showing old photographs, with our customs of when we were children, are strategies that help a lot. If you have a certain familiarity with sewing, you can also let your children help you in the selection and preparation of the masks, in order to make them something familiar and soothing.

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