What to eat before and after training: ideal meals and snacks

What to eat before and after training: ideal meals and snacks

The food introduced before and after training makes a difference in terms of performance – here’s what to eat between ideal meals and snacks.

Maybe many don’t know that eating the right foods before and after training can lead to performance improvements, but not only. Some foods are more suitable for recovering the substances lost during a workout.

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And equally other foods give us the necessary energy to spend when we struggle, without weighing ourselves down, making it difficult for us to do the job in the best way. Equally, if we don’t eat enough then we won’t have the strength for a harder workout.

And then we find out What it is more appropriate eat before and after training, between meals and snacks, to be able to perform a workout in the best possible way and gain in terms of physical performance.

Here’s what to eat before and after your workout

In addition to knowing what is good to eat before training, it is also important to understand how much time before it is good to eat meals so as not to incur digestive problems and various annoyances that do not allow us to train at our best.

what to eat before after workout

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First, it is good to know that a actual meal must be consumed at least 3 hours before training. In this case we will have to eat both carbohydrates and proteins, to avoid fatty and heavy foods instead. Better to focus on a portion of pasta or rice, vegetables and a portion of lean white meat or fish. All cooked in a healthy and light way so as not to weigh down the stomach before the workout.

Up to 30 minutes before we can have a light snack. Before training, the body needs ready-to-use energy so as to allow us to perform better work without straining the muscles, for this reason the most suitable foods are energetic and easily digestible ones.

Among these we find fruit such as bananas, apples, pears, red fruits, kiwis, blueberries but also the dried fruit including almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and so on. They can work well too rice or corn cakes, a square of dark chocolate or a low-fat yogurt. Of course, everything must be considered in small quantities so as not to weigh yourself down before training. Unless you decide to snack before and not close to training.

As for the post workout the most suitable foods are those that allow us to recover our strength. In the meantime, it is good hydrate, also because we will certainly have lost many minerals by sweating. So the first rule is to drink either water or rehydrating drinks. We can also do this during training.

Besides, after training it is also important also eat a healthy snack. Usually it takes at least 30 to 60 minutes. If it’s still not time for the full meal, it’s okay to have a snack while waiting for lunch or dinner.

In this case we can opt for a fruit-based smoothie such as bananas and milk, or one low-fat plain yogurt or Greek yogurt, here you can find out which one to choose. A portion of ricotta and a fruit. If you are vegan you can opt for 60-70 grams of tofu with some accompanying vegetables. A cereal-based bar, a fruit.

And then you have the complete meal which also in this case must include both proteins and carbohydrates. The former will in fact help the muscles to regenerate while carbohydrates will allow you to recover the energy consumed. A few examples?

We can choose a portion of grilled chicken with a side of vegetables and a slice of bread or 50 grams of rice. Otherwise a wholemeal sandwich with tuna and salad or tomatoes. A toast with eggs. A serving of salmon with a side of potatoes.

We remind you that these are only indicative and generic advice, and that before relying on do-it-yourself it is always good to consult a nutritionist who will be able to indicate the best choices in terms of diet, also based on our physical state and health.

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