What to eat during pregnancy so as not to get fat

Here's what to eat during your pregnancy so as not to put on weight and ensure your health and that of your baby

Nutrition in pregnancy is a fundamental aspect. In fact, during the gestation months it is important to follow the right diet to stay healthy, but also not to excessively fatten.

In recent years, science has amply demonstrated how the old saying according to which in pregnancy we must "eat for two" is not true at all. When you are pregnant, the calorie requirement does not double, but you need to take only 200 more per day. In order not to put on weight and preserve the health of the baby in your lap, it is important to take care of your diet.

During pregnancy, as the child grows, weight is increased. Much depends on what the initial weight of the woman is, but gynecologists usually consider a 9 to 14 kg increase to be correct. Greasing excessively, on the contrary, may not only be risky for one's health – due to gestational diabetes and blood sugar – but also deleterious. Those who put on too many pounds in fact, after giving birth, risk not being able to return to their weight.

What to eat so as not to put on weight? First it is important to prefer light meals, consuming carbohydrates especially in the morning and using very little salt. At breakfast we recommend you to drink a nice orange juice, accompanied by some toasted bread with honey and a low-fat yogurt. For lunch and dinner, bring fish or white meat to the table, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, whole wheat bread and fruit. For snacks, there is ample space for the fibers, which stimulate diuresis and the correct functioning of the intestine.

On the other hand, all excessively fatty foods, fried foods, soft drinks, sweets and sausages are to be avoided. Keep your weight gain in check from the first days of your pregnancy by consulting with your doctor about allowed and forbidden foods.

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