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Winter makeup is different from summer makeup, in terms of products, textures and, why not, even colors. Here’s how to create the perfect winter beauty makeup

If in the summer the products become minimal and essential, in the winter we tend to use more products, which is why it is important to know what to put in the winter beauty especially when it comes to makeup, especially if we prepare it before a trip, to avoid forgetting essential products. and at the same time filling it with too many confusing products that we would end up not using. Insert these products in your winter beauty makeup to make a complete and quick makeup in 5 minutes, just add a colored palette to have a truly perfect travel beauty makeup.

Preparing the skin is essential, it takes a good makeup base

The first and inevitable product to make a makeup is an excellent face base. It can be a moisturizing and light cream or even better a primer suitable for your skin type. There are all types and textures, starting from the moisturizing ones for dry skin that need a greater supply of water and above all to keep it during the day, the mattifying primers designed for those who shine and have a combination and oily skin for counteract the production of sebum, oily primers for those with particularly dry and arid skin, illuminating primers for those with a dull complexion and corrective primers, for those who have redness, rosacea and spots. The primer helps in the application of the foundation, like a painter who prepares his canvas to then paint it and at the same time helps to make the makeup last longer during the day.

face cream

The choice of foundation, different from the summer one

The choice of the winter foundation is important, because it is often very different from the products we use in the summer.The foundation for the winter must obviously respect the characteristics of your skin, more full-bodied for dry skin, lighter for oily or combination skin but in general, an extra touch of hydration is required for each skin type, which is less due to the cold, wind and temperature changes. If you don’t want to change your foundation, remember to increase skin hydration with skincare before applying it.

Dior foundation

As for the coverage, then, often the most uniform foundations have a thicker texture, poorly tolerated in summer but which returns in vogue in the cold months to give a porcelain skin effect. If you don’t like a too artificial effect but at the same time you want to cover all the imperfections, try mixing the foundation with a drop of hyaluronic acid, to make it slightly lighter and more moisturizing without removing the covering effect of the product.

The concealer, ally to correct imperfections, dark circles or for a quick face base

Do not forget the concealer unless your foundation is very opaque, because it is a multipurpose product that serves to correct, as the name implies, but not only. Let’s start with the choice of texture: if you want to insert only one concealer in the beauty winter makeup, a cross between a very fluid concealer and one that is too full-bodied. A concealer that is too liquid will not have enough covering power for pimples and imperfections while one that is too heavy will tend to weigh down and mark the eye contour. The consistency to prefer is the fluid one, perfect to blend under the eye to correct the pigmentation of the eyes and at the same time also suitable for covering imperfections. But the fluid concealer can also be used for the spot concealing technique, that is to apply the concealer on imperfections, spots and small discolorations and then blend it so that it is no longer visible. In this way a very light face base is obtained in a very short time and an extremely natural effect.

Nars dark circles corrector

A touch of powder to mattify the T-zone

If the winter foundations are more full-bodied it is also necessary to fix them with a little powder, also because we often blow our nose and we tend to remove it involuntarily. For dry skin it may not be necessary to use it or in any case to be applied in very small quantities with a very large brush. On mixed or oily skin, however, it is an essential product to fix the foundation where the skin produces more sebum, to make it last longer. Zone T, therefore forehead, nose and chin, sides of the nose and mouth are the areas where the powder cannot be missing, as well as under the eyes to fix and dry the concealer, preventing it from ending up in the folds. To be applied with a more precise and compact brush in areas that tend to get greasy, you can then dust the entire face with a large brush, to ensure greater hold.

powder and brush

A palette of your choice but that has a dark, a light and a medium tone

As for the palettes to be included in the winter beauty makeup, if you want to stay light and choose a single wildcard palette, it is better to prefer one that has the colors you like most and fit you well, but be careful that there is at least one dark tone, possibly black. or brown, an intermediate tone to create shading in the mobile eyelid (even better if two intermediate tones, perhaps one warm and one cold) and a light color, perfect for blending the edges of the makeup and making everything softer and more homogeneous. For the rest, indulge yourself by choosing a palette that has neutral tones for natural and everyday make-up and some colors to create more elaborate makeup, alternating matte and metallic textures.

neutral tone palette

A brown or black pencil is always handy

Then there is a pencil, black or brown, perfect to use as a face base for smokey eyes, to create an infraciliar thus defining the look in natural makeup, to border the eye more thickly, create shaded eyeliner or to intensify the look. eye applying it in the inner rhyme. The pencil is a joker that in a few seconds allows you to put on make-up even on those days when you don’t want to put your hand to brushes and eye shadows, you can also blend it on the fly with your finger for a slightly messy look to which you can add plenty of mascara .

The inevitable mascara to define and open your eyes

Then he cannot be missing, mascara, the cosmetic that perhaps most of all together with the concealer is a real must have. If you do not have time or if you feel tired, just apply it in large quantities to open the eye, give definition and intensity. Choose the classic black or try brown, for a more natural effect but which, if with the right formula, gives an intense effect to the eye.

girl applies mascara

A lip balm to treat dry lips

A lip balm is a must in a winter beauty makeup, because it is precisely in this season that they are particularly affected by cold and wind. Dry, cracked, chapped sometimes with small wounds, lips need constant hydration and it is good to always carry a moisturizing lip balm with you. Those in sticks or tubes are certainly more comfortable to spread because it is not necessary to touch the product with your fingers, which is applied directly by passing it over the mouth. The lip balms in the jars, however, are often more full-bodied and nourishing, recommended for suffering lips and also excellent to apply in large quantities and leave on all night, like a real treatment mask.

lip balm

One or more long-lasting lipsticks

After moisturizing your lips, it’s time to apply the lipstick and the choice falls on long-lasting liquid lipsticks. They are in fact perhaps the most versatile lipsticks because they can be applied with a brush for a defined and very precise result, with your fingers blending them for a more natural effect while if you have dry lips or want a shiny finish, you can apply lip balm on top to get a creamy lipstick or clear gloss to turn your matte lipstick into a vinyl lipstick. As for the choice of colors, insert a nude, perfect for every occasion and with every make-up and a colored one, maybe your favorite red.

girls red lipstick

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