What to put in the small trolley on vacation? Few essential and trendy items!

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What to put in the small trolley on vacation? Every year the same story: you want to carry too many things but your suitcase is very small! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will help you in this! Discover the essentials for your summer vacation!

Year after year, airlines reduce the size of the suitcases we can take with us more and more, and we find ourselves having to choose what to put in or leave at home. Do you want help? Good! Let’s see which trendy and space-saving garments to put in the small trolley for the holiday!

Vacation trolley

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Every year in the summer the same story: you want to go on vacation with your friends, to see a European city or to the sea, but you book at the last minute and the flights cost a lot. So you know that you will have to save on something, and the choice necessarily falls on the size of your suitcase.

So you decide to take only the trolley with you, what the airlines call “hand luggage”, but you go into the description of the measures and you realize that they are smaller than the previous year.

Then panic assails you, because you understand that all the outfits you imagined wearing on vacation will have to stay at home in your wardrobe.

Don’t worry, I have the solution for you! Here is Che’s style guide Woman that will show you which space-saving items to take with you in your suitcase for your holiday with friends! Let’s begin!

The small trolley on vacation should contain a few but trendy items: slip dress, neutral sandal and straw bag!

The first rule to follow when preparing your suitcase for your holiday with friends is this: you can’t take everything you want with you. Prepare versatile, low-voluminous clothes that you can wear in multiple circumstances!

Vacation trolley

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Are you packing your suitcase, which happens to be tiny, and you realize that the clothes you own don’t fit? F.to low-cost shopping on SheIn! Here you are trendy, versatile and low-cost items to take with you on vacation:

  • slip dress: the slip-effect dress is essential on vacation. You can wear it for dinner out or even as a swimsuit cover. On SheIn you can buy it for € 16.00.
  • two-piece set: on SheIn you can find super trendy and low cost coordinated sets. For example, V-neckline top and palazzo trousers for € 22.00. Perfect for a walk in the city and an aperitif with a view of the sea.
  • low heel sandal: you have clothes, but you don’t have shoes? A sandal that goes well with everything is what you need. White color, with small straps on the instep, low and stiletto heel. Cost € 21.00.
  • straw bag: this will save your life, because the straw bag is perfect and comfortable for traveling, for a trip to museums and for the sea. On SheIn at a cost of € 10.50. By the way, are pants unbearable in the summer? Because you don’t know which ones to choose!

vacation trolley

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Now that you have everything you need, you are ready! Fill your trolley with trendy and versatile garments and enjoy your holiday! You will be at the top!

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