What Vittorio Tempina of Temptation Island 2019 does in life

Vittorio Collina is one of the most discussed competitors of Temptation Island: let's discover the secrets about his private life

Vittorio Collina is the boyfriend of Katia Fanelli and one of the competitors of Temptation Island. Dj and speaker, he landed in Sardinia to find out if his relationship is destined to last or not.

The love story between Katia and Vittorio immediately appeared tormented and difficult. She loves to be free and do what she wants, while he suffers from his exuberant character. Arriving on Temptation Island, the girl immediately made things clear, showing a strong attraction for temptators.

Vittorio's behavior did not appeal to him at all, who appeared very disappointed, venting himself during the first bonfire. But who is the protagonist of Temptation Island and what does it do in life?

Born in 1988, Vittorio attended the faculty of Economics and is an expert on languages. In addition to Italian, he speaks English, Russian and French very well. He loves sports, especially football, and has a passion for drones. By profession he is the speaker and vocalist in the events held on the Romagna Riviera.

Her relationship with Katia started two and a half years ago. Vittorio has repeatedly expressed his willingness to go to live together, but his girlfriend has always refused because she is not convinced.

"I have lived in this house for about two years and I soon have this decision to live a little intimacy with her – he explained in the presentation video -. I told her to come and live here with me, but she still doesn't feel up to it. I chose to participate in Temptation Island to measure how much Katia actually loves me. "

"I have never questioned my love for her – confessed Vittorio, who came to reality to test Katia -. What I sometimes think is that what I feel is more than what she feels for me. Many times she has no problem behaving in certain ways that bother me a lot. I ask her to make efforts in this regard, but she does not make any effort. I don't feel valued enough right now. "

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