What's the weather like, Heather Parisi freewheeling. And displaces Fazio

What's the weather like, Heather Parisi freewheeling. And displaces Fazio

Heather Parisi celebrates 40 years of career by telling herself at Che tempo che fa. It displaces the conductor and makes Luciana Litizzetto dance

Heather Parisi has returned to Rai and has done so with a bang. Fabio Fazio's guest at Che tempo che fa to celebrate his 40 years of career, flooded the studio with his enthusiasm, making Luciana Littizzetto dance. In splendid shape, the soubrette joked with the conductor and broke the ice by telling a behind the scenes anecdote.

Taking advantage of the presenter's superstition, in fact, the soubrette made him believe he was wearing a purple dress, an unfortunate color in the world of entertainment. To be more credible, she also sent a photo with her purple dress, and then changed her clothes at the last moment.

Uncontainable, he showed a raised fist displacing Fabio Fazio. No reference to political factions, she explained, but only a gesture of support for the weakest, one of many shown throughout her career. In fact, Parisi has always tried to support those who suffer discrimination.

Fazio and Parisi then retraced the stages of the showgirl's career. A successful life that started by chance when Heather was on vacation in Italy and auditioned in the presence of Pippo Baudo. Franco Miseria presented it to the Italian public on March 17, 1979, at Apriti Sabato. With the Italians it was love at first sight, Heather Parisi, in fact, said she had never felt foreign. In particular, he remembered Alberto Sordi with great affection:

It was fixed with my buttocks. He was a delightful person.

The story of her childhood is very intense: at just 13 she went to live alone in San Francisco and started attending dance schools. Something unthinkable today, which she herself would never allow her children to do. However, the showgirl said she was responsible from an early age. To convince her grandfather and mother to let her study away from home, the fact that she had proven her maturity by taking care of her sister since she was six years old.

The first Italian words that she learned, she said, were "hello" and "shut up", an expression that her grandfather always used with her. Parisi, in fact, is known for not having hair on the tongue. Very spontaneous she always said what was going on in her head, clashing with both colleagues and the public. Amused, finally, she avoided too polemical speeches and recalled some gaffe that she committed while learning the Italian language: all you had to do was misspell the word and the fool were on the agenda.

Plans for the future? Not to go back to Italy. Indeed, Heather Parisi has declared that she is comfortable in Hong Kong in the company of her husband Umberto Maria Anzolin and their family.

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