When choosing the costume to buy, beware of these mistakes

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It is summer now and our desire for summer shopping is still intact, but when you buy a costume, beware of these errors.

Sure, let’s face it, many of us have already been doing summer shopping for quite a while and they have also already started going to the beach (or in the pool) and enjoying the sun (with protection, mind you).

costume errors

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But we can always find time for shopping, we must admit this too.

When swimwear calls, we cannot fail to answer and not be immediately found ready and prepared.

But we all make mistakes when we buy our favorite costume, because if it is true that the eye wants its part and that we want to feel beautiful, it is equally so that comfort and practicality should always be the masters.

Therefore how to choose the perfect costume? Based on needs, physique, expectations. In short, in summary, we tell you what are the mistakes you shouldn’t make when wearing your costume.

The mistakes not to make when buying a costume

Speaking of mistakes concerning the swimsuit, we cannot but start from the choice.

costume errors

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Of course, as we anticipated, we want a model that we like aesthetically, but it must also be in line with our needs.

To be clearer, if you usually stay under an umbrella all day and do a few sporadic dives at the most, you can wear all types of swimsuits without distinction.

But if, on the contrary, you are one of those who loves swimming, playing beach tennis, sup and so on and so forth, look for a sporty model. Yes to high-waisted ones, which adhere perfectly to the skin, but also to whole ones.

In particular, the latter can also become your best style allies, because for example you can combine them with a pair of simple shorts and thus transform your look into an aperitif outfit. So take advantage of their potential and wear them whenever you can.

Another common mistake when wearing the costume? To wear the same one we bought years before.

If your tastes are still the same you may still find it visually beautiful, but it may not be as comfortable as it was before. In the sense that after a while the costumes “loose”, they lose their elasticity and therefore tend to collapse.

It doesn’t mean they’re bad, but that’s the natural course of things. So unless you want to take the risk of literally falling off your swimsuit while on the beach, buy a new one and leave the old one at home.

Another very common mistake is to think about choosing a costume without first evaluating their forms.

Let’s face it, a woman with a bra first shouldn’t wear the same swimsuit as one wearing a fifth. In the first case, for example, bikinis with padded triangles will be fine, but in the second the watchword will be support, so yes to models that can support curves.

Yet another mistake is getting used to always wearing the same costume and never change style. Very wrong. Every year we can renew ourselves and renew our wardrobe, even the one for the sea.

For example, this year the ruffled swimsuits are very popular, perfect among other things for those with coulotte de cheval, but not only obviously.

Speaking of common mistakes related to customs, we cannot fail to mention perhaps the most gross one: wrong size.

Yes, because often we choose the same one for both the bottom piece and the top one without considering that they may not be online.

There are women who have large breasts and narrow hips, but the opposite also happens, so why not opt ​​for a mix & match? In this way we will be able to follow our shapes without having to sacrifice one of the two pieces.

Likewise, many women are mistaken in believing they are having to buy a piece underneath larger than your size, for fear that this may show little rolls. Very wrong. As we have already anticipated, the costumes lose elasticity over time, so buying a too large one, means being able to use it for a very short time.

The last mistake when wearing a costume is giving in too much to the temptation to buy a mini and basic one to prevent “excessive” tan lines from forming.

In reality this is wrong, because we should feel free to choose the model we prefer, regardless of this. We will always find a way to fix it while we expose ourselves to the sun so that no too obvious signs remain.

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