When cosmetic surgery distorts the appearance

When cosmetic surgery distorts the appearance

The specialist in plastic surgery responds to a reader who would like to undergo a blepharoplasty

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I see so many "monsters" around, especially women, and I wonder how they like each other. In your opinion, when does cosmetic surgery become invasive? When does it improve the appearance? I confess that – given certain results – I am deeply undecided whether or not I have a blepharoplasty. What do you recommend to your patients, does it impose limits on their requests? Lulu 65, Milan

Prof. Pietro Lorenzetti, Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, answers

Dear Lulu, twenty years ago it was said that the result of a plastic surgery had to be intuited and not too visible, then the entry on the market of operators who were not always adequately prepared led to results that should be considered ill-advised interventions and poorly executed. Fortunately, the current trend is that of adjustments and interventions based on naturalness and accompanying the age in a sweet and refined way. A well done surgery that enhances and does not penalize is the result of an interview that finds the perfect agreement between the patient's requests, the possibilities of the surgical technique, the doctor's aesthetic sense and his ability to perform the operation (which increases with the number of procedures performed).

As for her desire to make a blepharoplasty I can reassure her, it is quite difficult to make glaring mistakes that distort appearance and mimicry, the only mistake could be, in the case of a heavy eyelid, to eliminate too much skin and therefore make the whole thing unnatural. Risk that can be averted with an accurate preoperative visit in which you can specify to the surgeon how much skin to eliminate and his desire for a natural result. Which could also be improved with a mini eyebrow lift to open the eyes and give it a new glow.

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