When is it right to remove the diaper?

When is it right to remove the diaper?

Taking off the diaper is an important step towards our baby's independence

This is one of the first major challenges children face.

But when can we start this journey together?

If we did a quick survey among friends and acquaintances, it is likely that the most common answer is between the ages of 2 and before the start of kindergarten, or around 3 years of age.

This is because the pediatrician usually recommends removing the diaper from 18-24 months of age, and sometimes even after the age of 2. The common practice is, therefore, to wait until the child has reached his neurological maturation, and a series of skills that consist of:

  • being able to walk to reach the bathroom and being able to sit safely (fine motor skills);
  • knowing how to communicate one's need in words (linguistic ability);
  • knowing how to recognize the difference between dry and wet, dirty and clean (cognitive ability).
  • All these skills mature no earlier than 18-24 months.

    Often, however, it is we parents who postpone the elimination of the nappy, because we think it is more effective and comfortable to start potty training later, although several studies have shown that going too far increases the risks of constipation, bedwetting and refusal of the potty.

    We underestimate, however, that children are able to communicate, even at a very early age, from the first months of life, the need to poop or pee, through precise warning signals that we parents may be able to recognize.

    Obviously, if very small, it is not a question of a codified verbal language, but of signals that communicate through the body, face, gestures, crying and that we adults interpret thanks to the deep bond we have with them.

    A good and effective potty training, therefore, is also the result of empathic communication, the ability to read the messages that our children give us when we hold them tightly in our arms, attached to us, and we feel their warmth and breath. .

    As Dr. Simone Rugolotto, head of pediatrics, neonatologist and geneticist, who has been involved in scientific research and studies on potty training for over twenty years, explains: "Based on age and methods, we can identify two distinct phases: a first , called potty assisted education can begin from the first months of life up to 18 months; the other, called independent potty training, can start from 18 months onwards ".

    So we can say that it is never too early to take off the diaper!

    • In potty assisted education, the little one is not autonomous, and needs assistance from the parent to be able to relieve himself. This method is characterized by a high level of care and contact by the parent.
    • In independent potty training: instead, the little one already has good autonomy and awareness, which allows him to be ready to do his needs independently. This obviously does not exclude the accompaniment and supervision of adults.

    It is precisely starting from the collaboration with Dr. Rugolotto that the QUID + series published by Gribaudo, Feltrinelli group, has been enriched with two new illustrated books Bimba greets diaper and Bimbo greets diaper, to accompany parents and children in this delicate passage, at any age you choose to start it.

    Like all the first challenges, it is a path that must be done gradually, with respect for the times of our little one, without forcing.

    All important milestones involve a little effort, which will however be amply rewarded when we see our baby poop or pee comfortably sitting on his potty or on our toilet seat!

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