When the eye looks tired and weighed down

When the eye looks tired and weighed down

How and when to intervene on the eye area, the expert replies

Dear Doctor, my problem is the excess skin under the eyes – not excessive but which weighs down the look – after 30 years I have noticed dark signs that have worsened and that however are accentuated in the evening with fatigue are small hernias the left a little more accentuated – I'd like to know roughly how much the cost of the intervention would be, the one with an external incision, as a little bit of excess skin is there. I am 54 years old and my face without a wrinkle (it has never done anything only good creams) but the eye contour is my worry. The dark halos I've always had, they are very dark complexion.
Thank you

Dear Stefania,
the quality of his skin is probably a family legacy but certainly age also has some effect on the best heritage. The excess skin it reports is probably due to the loss – physiological – of some essential components of the dermis, the collagen and the elastin which together with the deep structures of the skin provide the supporting substrate. Over time, their production slows down and the skin loses elasticity and turgidity. The skin around the eyes is also particularly delicate and although it is possible to help it by maintaining constant hydration with cosmetic products and proper nutrition, it is a process that cannot be stopped, at the most slow down. The presence of small hernias that worsen with fatigue certainly requires a surgical approach which consists in repositioning the fat tissue that comes out of its seat. In the past, bags were removed, resulting in an 'hollowed out' and even more tired eye. Today, however, there is a tendency to reuse a still precious fabric and remodel it, if the intervention is performed well, the result is extremely natural. As for the access of the intervention, external or intraocular, it is a question that must be assessed during the preoperative visit. The cost of the intervention, lasting about an hour and with a recovery in a few days is about 4000 euros for both eyes. The result is immediately visible and any swelling is reabsorbed in a few days with a rather long-lasting result, estimated at about ten years. It must be taken into account that then the aging process continues its course and therefore it would be incorrect to say that the result is definitive. I wish you very much.

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