When you absolutely should stay away from cargo pants

When you absolutely should stay away from cargo pants

Some will remind them of adolescence, while others will only remember the models in the magazines who also wear these pants divinely. Yes, because cargo is not for everyone and too many times they are worn in the least opportune moments.

Comfortable, colorful and cool again from 2020. Cargo pants are seen everywhere but as much as they look good with a white t-shirt or a sporty black top, they look bad if you are particularly round (they make your figure bigger) and they look worse if they are you try to match in ways that are too creative to be true.

Three models of 8-5-22 cargo pants

Source: Canva.

From wearing them on a first date to deciding to wear them with a pair of patent leather pumps, the step is short. Not that there is anything dramatic, for heaven’s sake, but there is no reason either to look ugly with unlikely outfits or to hide a lean and toned body behind pants that “pack”.

The main mistakes to avoid with cargo pants

The cargo with the elegant blouse? Please don’t. Just as the boundary between love and hate is blurred it is also between originality and “tamarragine”. You can attract attention with the right accessories like a nice belt to match with the shoulder bag but not with lace and silk.

Spring cargo pants 8-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

Ok with the trench coat in the same color but fail with the contrasting blazer. The cargo with the red wool blend blazer that moreover has its own golden buttons is to be discarded even at the mere idea. Making a decision and being consistent with that style is the only way forward.

Another threat to many outfits – and this one is no exception – are the animalier dancers. Those who are short, with this particular type of trousers perhaps in military green (excellent with oversized sneakers and amphibians) and with the feared dancers will not only seem even more so but also the slimmer ones will appear a few more sizes.

Light beige cargo pants 8-5-22

Source: Pinterest.

Stay away from cargo even at weddings, baptisms, graduation parties (yes, this also applies to your cousin), the office and on rainy days, now rare. They will go great as a beach look, rolled up at the ankles and with a light linen shirt tied at the waist, as a choice for a walk with friends a black model with a tight pastel pink sweatshirt and for many other occasions.

Now that we are well aware of which beige items to avoid, let’s go shopping!

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