When you find out you are pregnant: all the questions

When you find out you are pregnant: all the questions

When you discover that you are pregnant, the emotion is immense, overwhelming! But equally overwhelming is the avalanche of doubts that assails every future mother. Let's look at some of the most common questions together.

I'm pregnant. What is the first thing to do?
First you need to contact your gynecologist or family doctor to book prenatal exams and for valuable advice. The first gynecological examination will preferably take place between the sixth and eighth week of pregnancy. Among the first recommendations: stop smoking, avoid alcohol, take folic acid and follow a healthy diet.

We wanted it. but now I have doubts. Is it just insecurity?
Becoming a mother involves a big change in a woman's life, it is normal to be a little frightened and hormonal changes also affect our feelings. Everything lies in learning to manage them: let's talk about it with your partner or a friend, and soon we will learn to deal with the physical and emotional changes related to pregnancy.

What can I do for morning sickness?
To alleviate the feeling of nausea, it is advisable to eat little and more frequently throughout the day and drink a lot. Anti-nausea bracelets are also a good remedy for many expectant mothers.

Can I do physical activity?
Sure, a little exercise in pregnancy helps to contain weight gain, feel better and reduce stress. Obviously you need to engage in gentle physical activity that does not present any risk of trauma or excessive effort.

Is it possible to have relationships with a pregnant partner?
In a normal pregnancy there are no contraindications to having relationships with the partner. Obviously a certain amount of common sense is needed and as the pregnancy progresses the partner will have to respect the physical and psychological needs of the future mother, arming herself with patience and delicacy.

When will I be able to hear my baby's heart beat?
The baby's heart begins to beat about 20 days after conception and can be seen with an ultrasound around the sixth week, but it is only possible to listen to it after the 12th week thanks to a special device.

When do I have to enroll in the prepared course?
Prepared courses start around the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, but given the many mothers who enroll, it is better to start looking for one suitable for your needs in advance.

How do I maintain adequate weight?
It is not true that in pregnancy you have to eat for two! In fact, our body only needs 200-300 extra calories per day. In order not to put excess pounds on, it is important to eat healthy and do gentle physical activity.

How can I avoid the appearance of stretch marks?
The ideal is to use during pregnancy products that allow the skin to maintain tone and elasticity: creams that strengthen the action of elastin and collagen, natural products with elasticizing properties (for example, based on Asiatic pennywort, rosehip, almond oil ).
Remember that also for the beauty of the skin it is important to follow a correct, balanced and rich in vitamins diet, and drink lots of water.

Will my partner still find me attractive?
Many women happen to feel unattractive during pregnancy, but often this belief is unfounded and is linked more to the way we see each other than to the weight gain linked to gestation. Talking about it with our partner can certainly help us overcome our insecurities and make us understand that certain thoughts are only in our heads.


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