Where to go on holiday with a baby: useful tips

Do you want to organize a vacation suitable for a newborn? Here are some tips that should not be underestimated

Planning a holiday with a newborn, however, is not easy, because you have to consider several factors, combining fun – and your serenity – with the well-being of the baby. To avoid getting panicked by the last hour, here are some useful tips for a new-born holiday.

Holidays with a baby by the sea

If you are not in a particularly windy location, prefer a hotel that is near the sea. Avoid exposing the baby to too high temperatures, preferring airy rooms and not going out in the middle of the day. Always remember to bring caps, umbrellas and protective cream with you. If the child is already walking, both a sandy beach and a pebble beach will be fine, but in the second case it is advisable to protect children's feet with a pair of sandals. The ideal is to choose beaches "suitable for children", avoiding places that are too isolated and far from the possibility of easily reaching a rescue in case of need.

Holidays with a newborn in the countryside

A holiday in the countryside can be ideal for the newborn, who needs calm and regular rhythms. Moreover, here you could also enjoy a temperate climate. Tourism in agricultural and agritourism companies has become increasingly widespread and in recent years the offer of equipped rooms or apartments has increased for those staying with a newborn. However, it is preferable to avoid areas near ponds and stables, where insects such as mosquitoes or sand flies could be concentrated, which besides being annoying are potential vehicles of diseases.

Holidays with a baby in the mountains

The mountain can be the ideal destination for those who go on holiday with a baby and look for a cool climate and healthy air. If the child is a few weeks old it is better to avoid too high altitudes. Remember to bring adequate clothing, because in the mountains the temperature can drop dramatically in a few hours even in summer. For this reason it is good to pack covers, hats and wind vests. Don't forget to bring with you a band or baby carrier, so you can walk with your child, ensuring both of them the right comfort. Be careful because the sun is hot even in the mountains! Always carry a sunscreen with a very high protection factor in your bag to protect your baby's delicate skin.

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