Which bag are you? A personality for each model! Discover yours!

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Which bag are you? The bag we wear tells our personality more than anything else! This is why it is the most important accessory of our looks. Do you want to know your personality? Find out in this CheDonna style guide!

A true fashion lover knows the importance of accessories in the looks we wear, why these have the ability to transform the style of an entire outfit and make it special. The bags possess this ability and much more: show our personality!

Personality bag

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You know why do we love fashion so much? Simple, because it allows us to express who we are in the whole world!

We don’t choose the clothes we wear just for comfort, but we choose them according to our tastes, our lifestyle. We tell who we are and sometimes we also want to be through fashion, because this is our daily shield.

Each garment of our look is chosen by us responding to a real need. Even the most basic casual look is actually important, because it speaks to our need for simplicity and comfort.

In addition to clothing, however, we must consider the importance of accessories, because they are the ones that express our personality to the maximum and our taste in fashion. And among the accessories there is one that we cannot consider a simple accessory, but it is real mirror of our personality. Which? The bag!

A personality for each bag! Which bag are you? Here’s how this accessory tells who we are!

Why is the bag the fundamental accessory of our looks? Because based on the model we wear, this explains how we live our life, what our personality and our character is. Do you want to find out if your bag really tells who you are? Let’s find out together!

Personality bag

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see which bag to associate our personality with:

  • shopping bag: large and comfortable bag to carry. If this is our daily choice and we avoid changing it every day, it means that we are active, dynamic people, that we live our days with the right energy and that we cannot do without many things. For this reason we need a large bag that contains everything!
  • shoulder bag: if we prefer to wear small bags in our looks it means that our personality is strong and we don’t need a lot of things. Only a few and essential. So simplicity and comfort are the key to better enjoy our days.
  • trendy bags: whether it’s straw, colored or XXL, our goal is to be trendy. So let’s choose among the most popular bags of the moment. If this is us it means that creativity is the element that we cannot ignore in our outfits, and the bag is the accessory that closes our look as the icing on the cake. By the way, quality low-cost shopping? It’s possible with the trendy pieces of Zara!

Personality bag

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And do you reflect yourselves? Does the bag you wear really tell your personality?

This is the end of this branded style guide CheWoman! See you next style guide! Not to miss the news in terms of fashion, and more!

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