Which heel to choose for your legs? Finally, we will no longer waste money on bad purchases!

Which type of heel will best enhance your leg? This is a question that many women ask themselves and finally here is the answer.

Which heel to choose? This is an eternal problem of every woman. The world of fashion, in fact, really offers many.

Leg heel

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Spiked, square, round. And again, low, midi, high. The alternatives before our eyes are really many.

Paradoxically, the more options we have before us, the harder it will be to choose the right one for us really. Add to this that our subjective taste is only one of the variables to consider in order to understand which heel to wear.

We obviously have to add others to this. The first is the outfit: some garments, in fact, match much better with some types of shoes and vice versa.

Another is also the place where we are: if we have to go to work, it would be preferable not to wear high heels. If, on the other hand, we are going to an exclusive party, they will be welcome in any case.

The last is obviously our body and, in particular, our leg. A tall and slender girl will probably look great shoes that won’t give much to a short and sturdy girl and vice versa.

In short, his shoe for every type of body. So, how to understand which heel will be able to best enhance our legs? Here’s how you can orient yourself.

Which heel to choose according to the leg

To understand which heel will suit you the most, you should based mainly on the type of leg you have, as we anticipated.

Leg heel

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Self you have muscular legs – with sturdy calf and ankle – know that you should always opt for a wide heel.

Pay attention to the ankle straps: they could tighten too much and make the “sausage” effect, so it would be good to avoid wearing them.

What to do? Prefer the strap that goes behind the ankle. This simply wraps it without pressing, so the effect will be much more beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.

Self you have a thin, slender, long leg, with thin calves and ankles, on the other hand, stilettos will do very well.

In this case, unlike the previous one, the strap will also be fine: in this way you can simply enhance the final part of the leg and you will not run the risk of making it look squat.

In short, simply every body needs a type of outfit and this also applies to shoes, as well as clothes, accessories and so on. The important thing is to understand what it can give us: in this way we will always be impeccable wherever we go.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of flat shoes, you can wear slingbacks and you should do it like this.

In any case, now orienting yourself on the choice of the heel should be much easier for you.