Which jeans to set aside and which ones to buy based on your physique

With the wide choice of leather trousers, tartan patterns and elegant velvet, we tend to overshadow our beloved jeans. Here are which ones we should absolutely have based on our physique.

Regardless of the brand, you can find tailored jeans that fully enhance our figure, making us splendid. To lift the b-side a little, smooth out the critical area of ​​the trochanter sufficiently and slim down the leg, a good surgeon would be needed but, in the absence of desire (and above all of money), one can go to a good clothing store.

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We need to have in mind which jeans fit us well so as to go without fail. Let’s see today the new models on sale according to our body shape.

Lifesaving jeans and hips: which ones to buy to be on top

Apart from the fact that the right pair of jeans, a tight turtleneck and the accessories we have recommended can immediately appear more international, by following these four rules we will be perfect.

Light jeans and black 12-11-22.

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With a rectangle body jeans with a little push-up and skinny models are preferable and the medium waist is preferred to balance the figure. In the first case see i Freddie shaping effect at 43.60 euros and in the second one are to be considered those of Liu Jo at 159 euros in stretch denim as long as you stay on fairly light colors.

If you are lucky enough to have one hourglass body then it will be enough to emphasize the natural line. This can be done with low-waisted cuts, particular models, embroidered, ripped and even above the ankle. An example are the baggy jeans (29.99 euros on the official website) by Stradivarius which have a ton sur ton belt and still remain narrow in the hips. If you have thin ankles, and a killer pair of décolleté, we’ll be perfect with a pair of cropped jeans. Zadar created them in slightly stretchy fabric in different shades. They are wear with a nice belt at the waist. They cost 25.99 euros.

Victoria Beckham skinny in jeans 12-11-22.

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For pear-shaped bodies the main mission is to raise the waistline and camouflage the volume of the legs. So yes to high-waisted and flared models. Without spending a lot, with 79.99 euros you can orient yourself on Marella with straight black jeans (here dark colors are more than fine) with a high waist and square front pockets, for 25.99 euros there are simple jeans by Bershka bell shaped.

Now you just have to be careful to give the right model for Christmas or focus on something else. In any case, your best friend will understand the effort but succeeding right the first time is priceless.

Silvia Zanchi