Which will be the 5 90s trends that will be back in fashion in 2016

Which will be the 5 90s trends that will be back in fashion in 2016

Let's see what will be back in fashion among the 5 trends of the 90s in the current year

First of all, the choker necklaces to be worn at the neck will be back in fashion, very tight, stretchy, similar to an embroidery and in black. In the nineties it was very easy to find them, especially in teenage magazines. To date they will be back in the way and it will be easy to find them on the market, otherwise you can make them with your own hands with a good tutorial to watch on the internet.

Another trend instead will concern the hair, in fact the frisé will be back in fashion. So you love treating your hair and keeping it up to date with fashion, all you have to do is buy a suitable plate or arm yourself with so much ingenuity to get a nice wavy hair. So whether it is tiled or natural, give space to frisé on your hair.

If pincers and clothes pegs had been almost completely abolished in the past, they are now back in fashion, starting from the current year. The main objective of their use is to embellish your hair in fact remember to place them in such a way as to enhance the whole. In this case you will be able to use colored pegs, you will only need to have a lot of imagination in positioning them.

In case you love to wear make-up, well, there is a return of the 90's trend even in the Make up. All this concerns the reappearance of the brown lipstick, slightly different from the shades inherent in that era as today they are much more prone to chocolate. Obviously before deciding whether to use it or not it is good to understand if that color gives you or not.

Finally, but certainly not less important is a return of trends concerning the manicure. Particularly we will refer to an accurate manicure with a completely rectangular shape, so much to look like a fake!
After having known most of the novelties of 2016, in the form of a return to the 90s trend, all you have to do is prepare yourself to welcome the spring / summer fashion.

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