White in winter: look ideas

White in winter: look ideas

Here are some total white look ideas for the coldest months of the year

White is a wonderful color in winter: it is often not worn because it is mistakenly associated only with summer. On the contrary, white is beautiful even in the coldest months, even in a total look version, because it adds a very refined and chic touch!

ThinkB2 jacket, Le Pandorine bag, Alessandro Enriquez T-shirt

Look total white invernali: casual

Tricot sweater and wide trousers, from cropped to palazzo: here is a combination that works great in a total white version! personally I also like the idea of ​​adding a white shirt, to make the ensemble more sophisticated. If you want to add a touch of color, do it with accessories: a witty bag, or a pair of two-tone shoes. Don’t forget that make-up also plays its part: lipstick or red nail polish are the glam detail!

Look total white invernali:

Total white winter look: sporty

The white look is also perfect in a sporty version. Mix a relaxed street style jumpsuit with a padded vest, or an oversized down jacket and complete the ensemble with a pair of sneakers. They can be chunky, or a timeless classic like the Stan Smith, or a trendy model like the Air Jordans.

Look total white invernali:

Look total white invernali: glam

On less cold days, you can add super glam detail to your look by wearing a white coat or a padded raincoat. If you want to complete the ensemble by breaking it all up, you can put accessories in another color, such as dark brown, caramel or black.

Look total white invernali:

Look total white invernali: trendy

The trendiest look in total white? The one with fur, strictly eco, of course. The right accessory for an outfit like this is a pair of shoes that play down the ensemble: kombat boots, chunky sneakers, an oversize it bag, strictly white, perhaps in woven leather. If you are cold, the right hat is a nice white beanie, with or without pom pom!

Look total white invernali:

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