White Parmigiana with a secret ingredient: it ends in an instant

Parmigiana bianca

Not the usual parmigiana, but thanks to a secret ingredient this white parmigiana will surprise us

Today as a side dish we prepare a version of the white parmigiana with a secret ingredient.

White Parmigiana


A dish that has all the flavor of home-made recipes: eggplant, cow’s milk ricotta, bechamel but also mortadella. Usually found cooked ham, but this version is even more delicious.

White Parmigiana with a secret ingredient, the secret to cooking

To cook our white parmigiana well with a secret ingredient, we can also use a very practical aluminum pan. When we have emptied it, just throw it away, without even having to wash anything.



3 round eggplants
500 g of cow’s milk ricotta
300 g mortadella
Salt to taste
150 g grated parmesan
1 l seed oil
For the bechamel
700 ml of whole milk
70 g of butter
70 g of cornstarch
1 nutmeg
salt up to taste

Preparation: Parmigiana

Let’s start with the bechamel because it has to cool. We take a pan, pour the cornstarch or cornstarch cold and then add the milk still cold from the refrigerator, stirring immediately with a hand whisk.
We turn on a moderate flame and add the butter in chunks. When it has melted, let’s perfume with one generous grating of walnut Muscat and let it come to a boil. As soon as the béchamel thickens, turn off and leave to cool aside.

Then let’s move on to the main ingredient. Let’s take ours round eggplants, let’s trim them without peeling them, wash them well and cut them into thick slices about put centimeter. We put it all in one colander with a handful of coarse salt and leave them like this, with a weight on them, for at least 1 hour to lose their water.
Let’s take them back, let’s dab them well with blotting paper from the kitchen and then put them to fry in a large pan with seed oil (we chose corn oil) until they become golden. As soon as they are all ready, put them on a tray covered with kitchen paper and move on to phase two.

We take a round pan, at least 28 centimeters in diameter, and put a layer of bechamel on the bottom. Then a layer of eggplant, one of slices of mortadella and a generous dose of ricotta cheese with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese, finishing with more béchamel ..
We go on like this until all the ingredients are used up. We finish again with Parmesan and bechamel, then off in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 20 minutes in the central part. And if the crust does not satisfy us, we can pass the pan under the grill in the last 3-4 minutes.
Let’s take it out of the oven, wait at least 15 minutes to make it compact well and not to ruin the slices when we cut them. Then we bring to the table, this pour of the white parmigiana with secret ingredient is good even at room temperature.

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