White shirt what a passion! Here are the three ways you didn’t know to wear it

The white shirt is undoubtedly the garment we all have in the closet! But how to wear it to be at the top? Discover in this style guide by CheDonna three simple but trendy ways to wear the white shirt you did not know!

Cotton, light and white. The shirt is undoubtedly the most versatile and simple garment to wear. It can be combined with any look for any occasion and is literally worn all year round! But sometimes we get bored of wearing our clothes the same way all the time, which is why we’re about to discover tre trendy, easy and really trendy ways to wear the white shirt!

White shirt

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Who doesn’t have at least one white shirt in their closet? Exactly, because this garment is undoubtedly the most used and loved by the female universe.

It’s the life-saving garment! Whenever we have to create a look and don’t know what to wear, the white shirt always saves us!

But in the long run we get tired of always wearing a garment in the same way, and surely the constantly changing trends do not help us!

Instead of buying new clothes every day, we find ways to give a second life to those we already own. For example, How can we wear the white shirt to create different and trendy looks?

Let’s find out together in this CheDonna style guide!

The white shirt as you can’t imagine it: discover the three trendy looks for winter 2023 that will make you fall in love!

There are many white shirts on the market, but the most versatile model of all is certainly the oversized cotton one. It can be worn in many ways and is practical to use!

White shirt

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Let’s get to the heart of this style guide right away and discover the three trendy ways to wear the white cotton shirt:

  • short front, long back: to give a jaunty effect to your oversized shirt, combine it with wide trousers. But insert the final part of the front inside the trousers. The back part, on the other hand, leave it out. In this way we will have given an asymmetrical cut to our shirt and made it in line with the trends of the year.
  • under the sweater with faux leather leggings: another wardrobe look to always have is the one consisting of a wide sweater, an oversized white shirt and eco-leather leggings. To combine with a moccasin and autumn with this look will be your favorite season!
  • shirt to dress: last look is the one in which the white shirt is the real protagonist, because it will have to be worn like a dress. Clearly, to achieve this effect, your shirt will have to be longer than normal. If you want you can combine under a pair of short black leggings, the so-called “cyclists”, also super trendy. All to be combined with a black boot and a black faux leather biker jacket! By the way, do your outfits bore you? Transform them like this and make them special!

White shirt

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With these new ways to wear it, the white shirt will undoubtedly become your favorite piece!

See you next style guide! To not miss the updates from the world of fashion!