White vinegar to eliminate bad smell from towels

Do towels smell bad? Try white vinegar to eliminate it permanently: we explain why

This has happened to everyone at least once in their life: towels give off a bad smell. There are many reasons why it can happen, such as a non-optimal wash, between the detergent and the set program. Is there a way to get the bad smell out of towels? We offer one of the best natural remedies, based on white vinegar: the classic grandmother’s remedy that counteracts any problem.

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Why do towels smell bad?

We must say that it is more frequent in the summer: we wash our towels, but we continue to smell a persistent smell. There are many factors that can have a negative impact, such as high humidity, which is enormously common when the climate is dry. Another essential precaution is to check the dirt accumulated in the washing machine: it might be useful to find out how to clean it with salt.

Among other things, it is imperative to remove bad smells, especially as they spread. Of course, it’s not a pleasant feeling to walk into our bathroom and smell lingering. Not to mention that if the towel is not perfumed, our hands will not be perfumed either.

How to get rid of bad smell from towels

Thanks to natural remedies, we can discover very interesting methods to improve the scent of our towels. For example, an absolutely innovative product is lavender essential oil, which certainly adds an extra touch. If our towels don’t smell, we just have to wash them again. But with some decisive measures.

First of all, it is essential to separate the towels from the rest of our laundry. We do not resort to excessive use of detergent: it will not disperse the odor in any way. Furthermore, using too much detergent is a bad move, because, if it is not properly disposed of during washing, it remains on the fabric and inevitably makes it dry. What to use, then, to get fresh and fragrant towels? An indispensable ally for home life, protagonist of countless tips.

Vinegar is a precious ally: its degreasing and cleaning action

What is the best natural remedy to combat the stench on towels? White vinegar. The reasons are many: based on the properties of vinegar, we know that it offers a degreasing and disinfectant action. Plus, it’s perfect for stained garments and can be used in place of fabric softener.

We can simply add 125ml of white vinegar to the fabric softener compartment and start the wash. Among other things, we can also recommend another natural remedy to whiten towels yellowed by time: in this case, we will use a product that we all have in the pantry, baking soda. The only precaution is not to use vinegar and baking soda together in the washing machine: we could ruin the appliance.

How to always have scented towels?

Once washed, our towels need to be dried. In fact, this step is one of the factors that could contribute to the bad smell, so we pay the utmost attention. We must first remove them from the washing machine immediately, absolutely avoiding keeping them in the drum. Afterwards, they should be spread outdoors, if possible, otherwise in a well-ventilated room. One last word of warning: microfiber towels do not go into the dryer, as they could get damaged.

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