Who are Anna and Maria, the daughters of Sergio Castellitto

Who are Anna and Maria, the daughters of Sergio Castellitto

Born respectively in 2001 and 1997, they are the fruit of the love between the Roman filmmaker and writer Margaret Mazzantini

Sergio Castellitto is one of the monuments of Italian cinema: an immensely talented actor and director, he has worked with actors such as Penelope Cruz and Alessandro Borghi and has given fans of the seventh art wonderful films such as Fortunata and Non ti M moving.

A successful artist, he has been linked for a long time to the writer Margaret Mazzantini. The couple has four children: Pietro, who will soon play the role of former Roma captain Francesco Totti on screen, Maria, Anna and Cesare.

What do we know about the daughters of the famous Roman filmmaker, who turned 67 on August 18th? Maria, born on 8 July 1997, studied at SOAS University in London. By profession a journalist – he wrote for Corriere della Sera – she is very reserved. In fact, he has an Instagram account accessible only to confirmed followers.

The second child of Sergio Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini also has a personal Facebook profile, from which no details about her personal life are leaked. A curiosity: her middle name is Contenta.

Sergio Castellitto and Mazzantini, playwright and former actress with active participation in eleven films and five TV series, made this original choice for all their children. The reason? According to their point of view, "contentment is a beautiful stage in life".

What can you say about Anna instead? The third daughter of the couple of artists, married in 1987 and still very much in love today, was born in 2001 (five years later Cesare arrived). Anna Contenta Castellitto studied at St. Stephen's School, the capital's prestigious international institute, and is currently enrolled at the University of Bath. Sergio Castellitto's third child has two important work experiences behind her and is involved in the world of volunteering.

Unlike her older sister, Anna Castellitto is very active on Instagram. On her profile, followed by over a thousand people, she publishes numerous posts, shots that portray her both in the company of friends and with family. It is enough to scroll through the photos to realize that between her and her mother, born in Dublin in 1961, there is an extraordinary similarity.

Anna – who, as can always be seen from Instagram, has walked a fashion catwalk in the past – has in fact inherited her porcelain complexion and perfect features from the author of Don't Move and other best sellers.

Anna Castellitto

Anna Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini – Source: Instagram @anna_castellitto

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