Who are Federica and Giacomo, Mario Draghi's children

Chi sono Federica e Giacomo, i figli di Mario Draghi

Federica and Giacomo, children of Mario Draghi, are two esteemed professionals, albeit in very different fields

Mario Draghi, economist and former President of the ECB, was summoned by Sergio Mattarella following the crisis of the Conte Bis government, with the task of forming a technical government. In these first weeks of 2021 there has been a lot of talk about him, right down to the most hidden details of his private life. But not everyone knows that she has two children: that's who Federica and Giacomo Draghi are.

Despite having always been a busy man, as evident from his long curriculum and his current political post, Mario Draghi has never given up on his family. In 1973 he married Maria Serenella Cappello, an expert in English literature and descendant of a family of noble origins. Theirs has always been a very solid love, perhaps also because it was kept well away from the spotlights. In fact, Mario and his wife have only been photographed together in public on very few occasions.

The couple had two wonderful children. The eldest daughter, Federica, has a brilliant career in the world of biotechnology: after graduating in Biochemistry at the La Sapienza University of Rome, she moved to New York and obtained a master's in Business Administration at the Columbia Business School, a prestigious faculty of economics. . With such a course of study, it was not difficult for her to enter the world of work. A few years of apprenticeship and many sacrifices led her to become a manager of a multinational that deals with biotechnology.

Giacomo Draghi, on the other hand, followed in his father's footsteps. He graduated with excellent grades from Bocconi in Milan, then started working as a financial trader. For many years he collaborated with Morgan Stanley, a famous investment bank based in New York. but recently he decided to make a change in his career. In 2017, in fact, Mario Draghi's second son returned to Europe and accepted a position in the management of a LMR Partners hedge fund, moving to the London office.

As for the private life of Draghi's two children, there is very little information. Both very reserved, we only know that Giacomo has already been married for several years, with a young nutritional therapist named Valentina. Their wedding was celebrated in 2011 in Città della Pieve, in the beautiful park of a family villa. Mario Draghi and his wife have in fact always been very fond of Umbria and its suggestive landscape, and for this reason they have bought various properties there, where they love to spend their time.

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