Who are Ginevra, Lucrezia and Flaminia, the sisters of Elettra Lamborghini

Chi sono Ginevra, Lucrezia e Flaminia, le sorelle di Elettra Lamborghini

Ginevra, Lucrezia and Flaminia are the sisters of Elettra Lamborghini: Instagram stars and with a passion for music

Ginevra, Lucrezia and Flaminia are the sisters of Elettra Lamborghini. Beautiful, successful and very reserved, they often appeared on the heiress's Instagram profile. In particular, the twins Lucrezia and Flaminia were chosen as wedding witnesses by Elettra. On the occasion of the wedding with Afrojack, Lamborghini wanted its younger sisters next to it, while Ginevra made it known that she will not be present at the ceremony.

Born in 1999, Lucrezia and Flaminia are the little ones of the Lamborghini house, the result of the love between Tonino Lamborghini and Luisa Peterlongo. More and with clear eyes, they have always had a very special bond with Elettra. Flaminia graduated from art high school, while Lucrezia announced that she had enrolled at the University of Bologna. Fans of the singer learned about them thanks to Tik Tok and some very funny videos made by the three sisters.

Born in 1994, Elettra also has an older brother, Ferruccio, who is a pilot, and an older sister, Ginevra. The latter has a passion for music just like her. Very blond and with a degree in Fashion Marketing, she works in the creative department of the family business. Over the years, however, she has cultivated a passion for singing and recently released her first single, Scorzese. Responding to a question on Instagram, Ginevra announced that she will not be present at her sister's wedding, without specifying the reason for this choice.

Ginevra, Lucrezia and Flaminia are very close to their mother, Luisa Peterlongo. Just like Elettra Lamborghini who has created an excellent relationship with her over the years. "The over-the-top image of my daughter that you see on social media or on television does not correspond to her pure soul – Luisa had told the weekly Gente some time ago -. Electra hates slander, has a strong sense of justice, is a pure soul ".

“With my daughter I have always shared everything – he confessed -. I also accompanied her to get her first tattoo done. Then others came, like the leopard coat on the shoulder and buttock. I was not very happy but certain things are often dictated by youthful madness and Elettra told me she wanted to delete them. Not all, but many ”.

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