Who can care for their teeth for free (by law)

Diabetes, teeth and gums at risk for serious infections

The requirements for free access to dental care. Who can use them and what are the conditions

Dentist, how much it costs me! Among the medical expenses, the dental ones are the three most expensive and feared. So much so that often, if possible, they are put off as much as possible.

But perhaps not everyone knows that there are cases where you can go to the dentist for free, and others where you only pay a percentage of the supported care, even if the benefit can change from region to region.

Without prejudice to the fact that for all there is, however, the tax deduction on dental care.

If you go to the national health service, public health pays part of the dental care, leaving only the cost of the ticket to the citizen.

But who can go to the dentist totally for free? Children and young people up to the age of 14, subjects in "vulnerable" health conditions and people in a "social and economic disadvantage". This provides for the law.

Basically, those who have a very low income or are seriously ill can go to the dentist for free.

The law also provides for a tax deduction of 19% on the personal income tax for dental expenses. Regardless of the income of the tax payer, obviously valid only if the expenses are documented with an invoice showing the details of the care.

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