Who is Alberto, the new love of Nicoletta Mantovani, widow of Luciano Pavarotti

Alberto is the man who stole the heart of Nicoletta Mantovani, widow of the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti

Alberto is the name of the new love of Nicoletta Mantovani, widow of Luciano Pavarotti. After a long time as a single, the 50-year-old announced that she will marry her partner in September. Alice's mother, Pavarotti's youngest daughter, Nicoletta confessed to the weekly Chi that she fell madly in love with Alberto.

Little and nothing is known about him except that he managed to win Mantovani's heart. The two met at a friend's house during a dinner and have never left each other since. Their overwhelming passion that would have led them to choose to get married immediately. "The lockdown made us understand that we were made for each other – confessed Nicoletta to the weekly Chi -. We had no reason to get married, if not for a mad desire to do so. We decided to do it in church, because for me, as a believer it was important to declare our love before the Lord. We will do it in Bologna in September, in a special church for me, full of meaning ”.

In the images published by Alfonso Signorini's weekly, Alberto lets himself go to smiles and tenderness with Nicoletta. Tall and tanned, with a grizzled beard and hair, we know only that he is a charming manager. He works as a company manager and managed to bewitch Mantovani, who fell in love again thirteen years after Pavarotti's death.

It was 1994 when some rumors began to circulate about a relationship between the tenor and Nicoletta Mantovani, manager in the world of entertainment born in 1969. Shortly thereafter the love story was revealed, ending up on the front pages of international tabloids. Pavarotti's divorce from Adua Veroni, his first wife, and the age difference with his new partner, 34 years younger, caused much discussion. In 2003 Nicoletta gave birth to Alice, who survived the twin birth in which, unfortunately, her brother Riccardo died. Eleven months later the manager married Luciano in a ceremony at the Teatro Comunale in Modena, in front of big musicians such as Bono, Zucchero Fornaciari and Ligabue. Three years later, in 2007, the artist died after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

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