Who is Alessandro, the secret son of Pippo Baudo

Pippo Baudo

Alessandro is the secret son of Pippo Baudo, born from a past relationship and convinced that the conductor was an uncle

Alessandro is the secret son of Pippo Baudo who for years has not known he had such a strong bond with the famous conductor. Born in 1962, he discovered that he was the presenter's son only in adulthood and for a long time he was convinced that he was his uncle. When her mother Mirella Adinolfi discovered that she was pregnant with Baudo, she was married to Tullio Formosa and already the mother of two children. For this reason she decided to keep the baby and raise it with her husband. Later the family moved to Australia, where Alessandro still lives today and in 1996 Pippo decided to recognize his son.

To tell it was himself, guest of an episode of Sunday Live a few years ago. “I remember dad who was like an uncle, I played with him, he was at home – he revealed -. We were very tight. I thought my father was Tullio. I'm lucky because I had two fathers. Pippo was always very affectionate, he always loved me. " Baudo's eldest son had said that he discovered that his father was Pippo when Tullio Formosa became seriously ill.

"Knowing it was a bit of a shock, I was a father too – he had confessed to D’Urso -. I have no grudge at all. The shock, however, remains after a while, make a local mind and recover. Then we met. Pippo is a clean and honest person […] For years we have heard and see each other often – unfortunately I live in Australia – I often come with my son who had a child, Pippo is a great grandfather. Unfortunately, the distance is so great. If you give me advice for the job? Yes, advice yes, he really likes my record. But I don't want help. "

A few years ago Baudo confided to the weekly Gente that he loved Mirella Adinolfi, Alessandro's mother. “We could not reconcile his status as wife and mother with our relationship. She stayed with her husband and I accepted her decision. I had no economic means, nor a stable job, what future could I give her? […] I saw Alessandro up to 4 years in secret. Then they moved to Australia and I thought I had lost him forever. As an adult, he learned the truth. Mirella revealed it to her when her father became seriously ill. "

Great conductor and pillar of TV, Baudo has had many great loves in his life. In the sixties he married Angela Lippi and after the divorce he fell in love with Alida Chelli, with whom he made a fixed couple for seven years. In 1986 he married Katia Ricciarelli, separating from her in 2004. In addition to Alessandro, Pippo has another daughter, Tiziana, the fruit of love for his first wife Angela.

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