Who is Alessio Federico Fugolo, Giovanna Mezzogiorno's husband

Chi è Alessio Federico Fugolo, il marito di Giovanna Mezzogiorno

The name of Alessio Federico Fugolo is Giovanna Mezzogiorno's husband and the father of her two children, Zeno and Leone

Alessio Federico Fugolo is Giovanna Mezzogiorno's husband and the man who gave the actress a smile. The passion for cinema unites the two. In fact, Alessio has always worked behind the scenes and is a train driver. Born in 1979, he was born in Piedmont, has no social profiles and has always kept away from gossip.

He met Giovanna Mezzogiorno on the set of Vincere, a film by Marco Bellocchio and theirs was a real love at first sight. The couple's first trip was to America and upon returning to Italy they showed themselves more in love than ever. In 2009, Giovanna and Alessio got married on Lake Como in Grinate, while in 2011 they became the parents of Zeno and Leone, two twins. For the love of her husband, the Mezzogiorno moved to Turin, Piedmont.

"My children had problems, they were born in weeks and so I had to follow them – said the actress, guest on Domenica In together with Alessandro Gassman -. So I stayed away from the cinema for three years […] I didn't always accept everything they offered me, but I chose wisely the films to do […] I did a small part in Lacci which just came out in the cinema, but I am happy to have participated in it because Daniele Luchetti is a director with whom I wanted to work strongly and I was really satisfied ”.

Allergic to gossip and far from social media, Giovanna Mezzogiorno rarely spoke of her husband in her interviews. The two are very reserved and have appeared a few times together on the red carpet, in fact they prefer to dedicate themselves to the family away from the spotlight. “I am amazed by this desire to be constantly watched in every phase of one's life – she revealed some time ago to Corriere della Sera -. Who cares! You, the social individual, do you know that your life is not that interesting? In fact, it's super boring. We don't give a damn about your vacation! That is presumption: why do I have to believe that my photo at the seaside with a beer in hand interests anyone? And if it happens I would like to go to this person and tell him he has a problem ”.

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