Who is Andrea Arcangeli, Matilda De Angelis' ex boyfriend

Who is Andrea Arcangeli, Matilda De Angelis' ex boyfriend

Andrea Arcangeli is a talented actor, has a very interesting curriculum full of parts in the cinema and on television

Born in Pescara on August 3, 1993, Andrea Arcangeli is a successful actor who has already proved his acting skills during his career by taking part in films and television productions.

His studies as an interpreter started already in his youth: after the Art School, in fact Andrea attended the acting school SMO (Spazi Mentali Occupati), from here his experiences in the theater began, which saw him engaged in a particularly between 2009 and 2014. The debut on the small screen came with a small role in 2012 in the second season of Welcome to the table – North vs South. In the meantime he continued to study and, for this reason, he began to attend Arts and Performing Sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome. Meanwhile, he continued his career, in fact in 2013 he was chosen to play Benvolio Montecchi in the two-part miniseries directed by Riccardo Donna and loosely based on the well-known tragedy Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

Riccardo Donna also directed him in the second season of Fuoriclasse in which Andrea Arcangeli took part for two seasons (2014 and 2015) and which saw him act alongside Luciana Littizzetto and Neri Marcorè. The debut on the big screen, on the other hand, is dated 2015 and saw him at work with Tempo unstable with probable brightenings by Marco Pontecorvo, also here he starred together with great actors such as Luca Zingaretti, John Turturro and Carolina Crescentini.

In his curriculum there are works for television and cinema, on the small screen he also took part in Il paradiso delle Signore in 2015. The first leading role is dated 2017 and sees him playing in The Startup directed by Alessandro D ' Others. Also for the big screen he worked in the short film Loris is well in 2017 directed by Simone Bozzelli, Dei by Cosimo Terlizzi in 2018 and Domani è unaltra Giorno (2019) directed by Simone Spada.

Among the television productions that appear in his interesting curriculum we can remember Trust, an American television series directed by Danny Boyle (2018), the TV film Aldo Moro – The professor for the direction of Francesco Miccichè (2018) and the series Romulus television program of 2020 created by Matteo Rovere.

Little is known about Andrea Arcangeli's private life. It is known that he lived a relationship with fellow actress Matilda De Angelis, who recently declared in an interview with Grazia that she was single. He is also quite active on Instagram where he also posts his beautiful photographs.

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