Who is Andrea Evangelista, the new love of Chiara Giordano, ex wife of Raoul Bova

Chi è Andrea Evangelista, il nuovo amore di Chiara Giordano, ex moglie di Raoul Bova

Choreographer and dancer, Andrea Evangelista is the new love of Chiara Giordano, ex wife of Raoul Bova

Andrea Evangelista is the name of the man who gave a smile to Chiara Giordano, Raoul Bova's ex-wife. After weeks of rumors, the two decided to formalize the relationship with a photo posted on Instagram. “And us 2”, wrote Chiara commenting on a photo in which she kisses her partner on the cheek during a romantic beach holiday.

Always very reserved, Giordano wanted to share with her followers the joy of a love that has become very important. According to sources close to the couple, the two have known each other for some time and before falling in love they would have been friends. Dancer and choreographer, Andrea Evangelista works in the world of TV and is a well-known face of several Rai broadcasts, from Domenica In to I Fatti Vostri, where he is currently engaged. A passion for dance unites Chiara and Andrea.

During her participation in Amici Celebrities, where she showed her talent for dance, Giordano spoke for the first time about her separation from Raoul Bova, revealing that she had overcome the most difficult moments thanks to dancing. She is 47 years old, he is 32, Chiara and Andrea seem very happy and the love story is proceeding at full speed.

A new beginning for Giordano who had never hidden that she had offered a lot for the end of her marriage with Bova. The Roman actor was struck by the very young veterinarian who, as she explained some time later – had won him over by dancing a meneito. Then came the wedding and the birth of two children: Alessandro Leon and Francesco. A love, that between Chiara and Raoul, lasted over ten years and ended in 2013. Today he is linked to Rocio Munoz Morales, a Spanish actress with whom he had two daughters, Alma and Luna, while Chiara had not found, at least until a few long ago, the right person to start from.

"I'm waiting without haste for the man who will get me high … or if you want to dance", Chi had told the weekly magazine during his participation in Amici Celebrities, perhaps without knowing that a short time later in his life love would return and that Andrea Evangelista would have given the smile that today proudly flaunts on Instagram.

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