Who is Andrea Ruggieri, Anna Falchi's boyfriend

Anna Falchi

Andrea Ruggieri is a politician and journalist, nephew of Bruno Vespa, but above all the boyfriend of Anna Falchi

Andrea Ruggieri is the man who won Anna Falchi's heart. For several years he has been next to the presenter and has given her great serenity. Politician, journalist and television author, Andrea is 44 years old and the grandson of Bruno Vespa. Ruggieri is very close to his family and it was his cousin Federico who made him meet Anna Falchi for the first time.

To tell it some time ago it was the showgirl. "We met through the radio – he explained -: I was working on RTL at Honorable Dj with Pierluigi Diaco who that year, was 2010, did Unomattina estate and was replaced on the radio by Federico Vespa, Bruno's son. One evening Federico's cousin came, Andrea Ruggieri. We met like this. Everyone had their own life, I was pregnant. Then we met again at dinner with mutual friends, over time a friendship was born, then something else … ".

Reserved and away from the spotlight, despite his profession, Andrea Ruggieri gave Anna Falchi a smile after some sentimental disappointments. The showgirl was linked to Fiorello and Max Biaggi, her great loves, in 2005 she married Stefano Ricucci from whom she divorced a year later. The divorce was particularly painful for Falchi who never hid that she had suffered a lot. In 2010 he had his daughter Alyssa with the entrepreneur Denny Montesi. The love story with Andrea has lasted since 2012 and has given her the serenity she has always been looking for.

The couple recently went to live together, but, as Anna Falchi herself pointed out, marriage is not one of their plans. "There is no need for marriage, which indeed can be a heavy bond – said the presenter to Novella 2000 -. Today I prefer the spontaneity of a relationship that has grown over time, if things get going, after so many years that one is together, there is no need to change the balance. The wedding could even ruin ".

“Our beauty is that we have reached the age of nine – added Falchi – and we still have the vivacity of young couples, we have not forged ahead. We enjoyed our engagement, now we have to reap the fruits of this ever-growing love ”.

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