Who is Antonella, the new (famous) girlfriend of Francesco Chiofalo

Who is Antonella, the new (famous) girlfriend of Francesco Chiofalo

After Temptation Island and a stormy year, Francesco is ready to smile again alongside Antonella Fiordelisi

A troubled year that of Francesco Chiofalo who, after the end of the love story with Selvaggia Roma and the related gossip about his too turbulent character, had stopped making people talk about himself and his relationships.

In this last period we have heard of him only for a much more serious fact: the discovery of a benign brain tumor which, fortunately, has been removed without damage. A great fright for Francesco who, after his recovery, said he was finally ready to start a new life with a woman at his side with whom he could even build a family.

And, as if by magic, his wish has come true: in recent weeks, in fact, the former participant of Temptation Island has been the victim of some gossip about a new mysterious flame. Who is the lucky one who stole his heart? His name is Antonella Fiordelisi and it is not a new acquaintance for Francesco: Antonella, in fact, met Francesco right on the set of the reality show of Canale Cinque.

On Temptation Island Antonella had fallen in love with Nicola Panico but today, outside the world of video cameras, the truth is another and it is Francesco the man who took her heart.

It was he who issued a real statement on his current sentimental situation to the Men and Women Magazine. Arriving on the threshold of 30 he has said enough about adventures and is ready to get seriously involved. For Antonella, falling in love was a bolt from the blue that caught him unprepared: she did not think of finding a smile after such a hard year. And instead, the magic happened.

The two knew each other thanks to the reality show, but only a healthy and sincere friendship blossomed there that lasted over time and slowly transformed into something more. Francesco initially felt afraid of the power of these feelings and was reluctant to formalize the relationship precisely because of the injury he had just suffered. In fact, he had launched only small signals on his Instagram profile, but without ever shooting the beautiful Antonella in the face: a smart move that drove the toto-girlfriend crazy all over Italy.

Antonella, born in 1998 and Napoletana DOC, was born in Salerno and much more than a beautiful girl with breathtaking shapes: she is a real force of nature. A woman who fights for the most important values ​​and who, if she can appear aggressive and direct on TV, is actually sweet and ready to be close to the people she loves, just like she did with Francesco. Accustomed to challenges and to test herself given her career as a swordswoman Antonella will be ready to heal Francesco's wounds and build something serious and lasting together.

In fact, in addition to participating in the reality show, Antonella is famous because she is a swordswoman in the Italian national fencing team.

Francesco Chiofalo and his fiancée Antonella Fiordelisi – Source: Instagram

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