Who is Antonia Achille, friend and assistant of Belen

Who is Antonia Achille, friend and assistant of Belen

Assistant and friend of Belen, the beautiful Antonia Achille is on vacation with the showgirl in the Maldives and the two seem to have a lot of fun

Belen Rodriguez, all her loves

Antonia Achille is one of Belen Rodriguez's best friends and her personal assistant. The woman is linked to Titian, from whom last March Brando Andrea had the eldest son and chose Argentina as godmother for the baptism of her baby. Former personal assistant of Fabrizio Corona, Belen hires her as his personal assistant in 2013. The Argentine showgirl, hitherto followed by Paola Benegas, decided to hire Antonia Achille, who at the time worked at Fenice srl.

Despite the break between the Argentine showgirl and the king of the paparazzi, Antonia had remained in very good relations with the splendid Belen Rodriguez so much that she immediately accepted to work by her side, happy and satisfied with the role she would have to play. And the feeling between the two, apparently, continues today, so much so that Belen now defines her as her "friend". The two often shop together, as evidenced by the numerous photos taken by the paparazzi.

In 2014, Belen and her sister Cecilia Rodriguez became entrepreneurs by founding a family-run company called The Family Factory: Veronica Cozzani, mother of the two sisters and president, is at the top; Cecilia is on the board of directors; Antonia Achille – Belen's assistant – develops useful strategies to score one hit after another. The Rodriguez family (and the "acquired daughter" Antonia) takes care of everything related to the showbiz, music and fashion. But not only: Belen and Cecilia have also opened restaurants, beauty salons, pizzerias, and whoever has more will put more.

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