Who is Arianna Cirrincione, Andrea Cerioli's girlfriend

Who is Arianna Cirrincione, Andrea Cerioli's girlfriend

Influencer and beauty expert, Arianna Cirrincione is the girlfriend of Andrea Cerioli, known at "U&D"

Arianna Cirrincione is the girlfriend of Andrea Cerioli, a former gieffino and competitor of the Isola dei Famosi 2021. The two met in the studios of Men and Women and have never parted since then, living a love story told on Instagram, between posts and declarations of love.

Born in 1995, Arianna Cirrincione is originally from Genoa, but lives in Bologna where for some time she began a coexistence with Andrea. The first meeting took place between Men and Women, where he was dressed as a tronista and she as a suitor. The throne of Cerioli was very popular with the public and at the end of his career the young model chose Arianna.

Away from the spotlight, the feeling has grown, so much so that the couple is already making important projects and dreams of starting a family. Despite being a character known to the television audience, Cirrincione is very reserved. He made his TV debut in 2018 in the Maria De Filippi show where Andrea had just landed following his experience on Temptation Island where he had lost his mind to Alessandra Sgolastra, Andrea Zenga's partner at the time.

After the dating show, Cerioli and Cirrincione participated in MTV Cribs Italia, talking about their coexistence in Bologna and their plans for the future. “Surely marriage crowns a strong and important feeling – confessed Andrea, speaking of his girlfriend -. We are not thinking about it yet, but in the future it will certainly be one of the many things we would like to do […] A child is something wonderful for us ”.

Currently Arianna works as an influencer, collaborating with various brands and fashion brands. Passionate about make-up and beauty, she often dispenses advice from her Instagram profile. A few days ago, on social media, Cirrincione revealed that she was rooting for her partner on the Island of the Famous 2021, but also that she was very jealous. 2If they compliment my 'boy' I am only pleased – he confided -. But, here … hands off! As I said and stressed, he is my boy! What would I not forgive him? Lack of respect. Such as a betrayal, but not only this. There are various things I could not forgive, not one in particular. I care a lot about my values, like my family, and they are all untouchable ”.

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