Who is Arianna Gianfelici of Amici 2020

Chi è Arianna Gianfelici di Amici 2020

Private life, passions and family: everything you need to know about Arianna Gianfelici, new student of the Canto di Amici 20 class

Born on July 30, 2001 in Fabrica di Roma, in the province of Viterbo, Arianna Gianfelici is one of the students in the singing class of Amici 20. Chosen by Rudy Zerbi after a very moving performance in which the girl let herself go to emotion letting her tears escape, she immediately made herself known for her "peperina" nature: this week she risked being expelled from the school where she did everything she could to get into. The reason? Arianna did not show up for a whole day at the rehearsals, without giving even a justification: a very important violation of the regulation, aggravated by the fact that the girl had been very late the night before using her cell phone at prohibited times.

Rudy Zerbi, however, decided to give her another chance and challenged her by assigning her two particularly difficult pieces to perform, Rondini al leasaglio by Ultimo and La tua ragazza always by Irene Grandi: on the second song Arianna brought out all her determination, earning their bank again.

Arianna is very attached to her sister Aurora, who is 21, and to her mother, with whom she often appears on her social profiles. She was very attached to her father, who unfortunately lost his life in a terrible accident: the 19-year-old said that he has always been close to him, even if at first he was skeptical about his passion for singing:

My dad didn't believe in my dream of singing. Then one day, just before the accident, I was in a competition and sang Destination Paradise. I saw him under the stage and when I finished he said to me: "Now I really understand what you like to do"

Speaking of her passion and talent, Arianna explained that she has never attended lessons and that the opportunity given to her by Amici 20 is an absolute first time, which she absolutely does not want to miss:

I've always sung self-taught, I've never taken a singing lesson. I have always seen friends on the sofa with mum and every now and then I would say "One day friends you will have to look at it alone because I will be there on stage"

A little curiosity, he said he has many tattoos, among them the microphone on his right shoulder stands out.

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