Who is Ashley, Joe Biden's last daughter

Who is Ashley, Joe Biden's last daughter

Ashley is the last daughter of Joe Biden, born of his love for his wife Jill and engaged in social work

Ashley is Joe Biden's youngest daughter, born of his love for his second wife Jill. Beautiful and career-oriented, she is a very socially committed entrepreneur. He is 39 years old and successfully leads the Delaware Justice Center. Model student, she has been involved in social justice for over fifteen years. Today she is an activist and philanthropist, just like her mother, and has repeatedly shown a great sensitivity for social issues.

Ashley is Biden's youngest child, born in 1981, a few years after her parents' wedding. Biden met Jill when she was a single dad, recovering from the deaths of his wife Neilia and daughter Amy, victims of a car accident, and busy taking care of their children Beau and Hunter.

“It is a passion that started very young – he told in a rare interview with Glamor -. My father has always been at the service of the general public; and my mother was a teacher at a school, it's in my DNA […] When I was little I loved animals very much and discovering that Bonne Belle – a cosmetics company for teenagers – was testing their products on animals, I convinced them. 'whole school to write letters to the company ”. After graduating from Tulane University with a bachelor's degree in anthropology, she worked as a social worker in the State of Delaware's Department of Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

In 2012 she married the brilliant surgeon Howard Kerin and joined the Delaware Justice Center, taking over two years after his arrival. Many battles fought by Ashley Biden, first of all the one against the death penalty, with awareness campaigns that also involved Beau, her elder brother who tragically died in 2015 due to a brain tumor. But Joe Biden's daughter is also an entrepreneur. In 2017 he launched Livelihood, a line of ethically produced sweatshirts: the proceeds from sales are donated to charity projects.

Reserved, always away from the spotlight, Ashley did not fail to support her father during the election campaign against Donald Trump. Together with his brother Hunter, he introduced Joe to the Democratic convention, using very sweet words to him: "He was an incredible father and he will be a great president," he said.

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