Who is Beatrice Arnera, the beautiful Agata in Good morning, mom!

Who is Beatrice Arnera, the beautiful Agata in Good morning, mom!

The young actress Beatrice Arnera worked alongside Raoul Bova in the new fiction of Canale 5

From young promise of the Italian show to a real star, Beatrice Arnera's career has literally taken off in recent years. Today she is one of the most loved faces by the Italian public: she divides herself between cinema and television, but she also has a long theatrical experience in her curriculum.

Born in 1995, Beatrice Arnera was born in Acqui Terme and grew up traveling the world in the wake of her mother, a famous opera singer. Since she was a child, she has always accompanied her on all her tours, both in Italy and abroad. And it is precisely in this way that he began to deeply love the atmosphere in the theater, thus deciding to dedicate his life to acting. Moving to Rome at the age of just 17, the young woman took her first steps in the entertainment world by taking part in numerous television productions.

Although her debut on the small screen dates back to when she was a child (she was 4 when she took part, with a small role, in the TV series A woman for a friend), Beatrice has only really become known in recent years. We saw her in The Paradise of the Ladies and in an episode of Il Commissario Montalbano, in the TV series Romolo + Giuly: The Italian World War – where she took on the role of the protagonist – and in the acclaimed fiction A step from heaven 5. In the at the same time, he obtained some film works such as the role in the film You can kiss the groom, under the direction of Alessandro Genovesi.

One of his latest television engagements is the one alongside Raoul Bova in the fiction Buongiorno, mamma !, where he has a leading role. But Beatrice Arnera has dedicated herself, over time, to many other projects. She worked in the theater, alongside some of the best-known names on the contemporary Italian scene, and allowed herself a brief introduction to the music scene with her single Ho: "It's a way to introduce myself, to tell myself for what I am, clumsy, in late, self-deprecating, tendentially bipolar ”- this is how she herself described her piece.

Very busy on the professional front, however, Beatrice has not put aside her personal sphere. For some time she has been romantically linked to her colleague Marco Rossetti, a love at first sight that changed her life: “We met for an audition a long time ago. I do not believe in speeches for which you do not get engaged with those who do the same job as you "- revealed the actress in an interview -" The meeting of a beautiful person, like him, was for me a victory at the Superenalotto . I couldn't wish for anything better “.

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