Who is Benedetta Bellini, Max Giusti's wife

Who is Benedetta Bellini, Max Giusti's wife

Let's find out who Benedetta Bellini is, Max Giusti's wife

Benedetta Bellini is the wife of Max Giusti and the woman who has been with him for fifteen years.

Far from the spotlight, but fundamental in the life of the actor, Benedetta met Max when she was at the peak of success, but aware that something important was still missing in her life. Their meeting forever changed the destiny of both of them and they have never left since.

The love story began shortly after the end of love between Max Giusti and Selvaggia Lucarelli, to whom he was bound for seven years. After the lightning strike and five years of love, the couple decided to get married. In 2010 the eldest son Matteo arrived and two years later Caterina.

Today Max could not be happier, as he also told Caterina Balivo, a guest of Vieni da Me. "We have been together for 15 years – the comedian has revealed – we are not even giving birthday gifts: we are without dates, we are not celebrating not even Valentine's Day ”.

The plaintiff then claimed not to be jealous of his wife and to blindly trust her. "I am not jealous because I could not imagine someone courting my wife, otherwise I go crazy – he told the Balivo talking about Benedetta Bellini -. If you are with a person, you must be serene: jealousy is a bad thing. I trust my wife blindly: I am not jealous because I would be very ill ”.

"I have total confidence in her – he concluded -, I can't imagine being jealous: jealousy is a bad thing, in a relationship there must be trust. If someone in your life wants to restrain you with the excuse of jealousy, drive him away ".

Very reserved and far from the spotlight, Benedetta often accompanies her husband to social events, but little or nothing is known about her. The only certainty is that it represents a fixed point in the busy existence of Max Giusti and that the comedian is sure to always be able to count on her.

Max Giusti – Source: Instagram

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