Who is Carl Hirschmann, Fiammetta Cicogna's companion

Who is the Franco-Swiss entrepreneur who has conquered the beautiful presenter

Fiammetta Cicogna has been the mother of two beautiful twins born from the love story with Carl Hirschmann. But what do we really know about the rich scion that made the leader lose her mind?

Born in Zurich on September 5, 1980, Carl is one of the richest (and most fascinating) entrepreneurs of the moment. On the other hand, good blood does not lie: the grandfather, in fact, Carl Hirschmann Senior, founded in 1967 the business aviation services company Jet Avation, thus ensuring an entrepreneurial success that has lasted for over forty years.

The 39-year-old of French-Swiss origins is certainly not less than this, who this year won first place in the ranking of the ten highest paid entrepreneurs in 2019, drawn up by the magazine People with money. Apparently, in just one year of work the entrepreneur would have earned as much as 96 million dollars, thanks to a series of well-targeted financial investments (and not only).

What then does the handsome Carl Hirschmann have his fortune? First of all to his brilliant intuitions on how to make money, and then to a series of properties around the world and to agreements with the CoverGirl line of cosmetics. Among other things, the beautiful scion has the football team "The Angels of Carl", the chain of restaurants "The pizzas of Dad Carl", the Vodka brand "Pure Wonderhirschmann – Switzerland" and the fashion line "Seduction by Carl Hirschmann ”. In short, just enough to be one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the moment.

But it is not only for his heritage that the current companion of Fiammetta Cicogna stands out. Moro, with clear and incredibly charming eyes, Hirschmann also earned the title of "sexiest entrepreneur in the world" this year, which he was awarded by the famous magazine Glam ’Mag for the second consecutive year. After all, it is certainly not a secret that the beautiful scion is also known for his unbridled social life and for his relationships with famous women of the show, including Britney Spears.

Now, however, Carl Hirschmann seems to have put his head on it. And it seems to be thanks to Fiammetta, the beautiful TV presenter she met in Milan a few years ago. While living a relationship quite far from the spotlight, the two seem to be happy and serene. In fact, they have recently become the parents of two beautiful twins. Will they inherit their father's entrepreneurial intuition? Who knows.

Fiammetta Cicogna and partner Carl-Hirshmann – Source: Getty Images

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